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How Milestone Medical leveraged AR to break sales record, not equipment

Discover how Milestone Medical leveraged Aryel's Augmented Reality technology to disrupt the heavy machinery industry marketing.


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Tired of relying on printed brochures and videos to showcase your products to potential customers? Do you struggle to transport expensive and fragile products to showcase at events and on-site visits? 

Milestone Medical, a world leader in medical systems and equipment, faced the challenge of showcasing their high-end products without the risk of transporting these expensive and delicate pieces, but they found a solution that revolutionized their sales and marketing efforts – thanks to Aryel.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Breaking up is hard to do, but breaking million dollar equipment is worse
  • Milestone Medical’s need to lift the heavy costs of transportation
  • Milestone Medical’s product demos were flatlining – until AR came to the rescue
  • The Augmented Reality revolution for heavy machinery manufacturers

Here’s Milestone Medical‘s goal

As a world leader in providing medical systems and equipment to help pathologists with technology for same-day diagnostic results, Milestone Medical relies heavily on agents and distributors to showcase their equipment.

However, the boundaries of transport and the risks of damages have always been a roadblock. They needed a solution that would allow their agents and distributors to provide immersive product demos without the costs and risks associated with physically transporting the equipment.

That’s when they decided to integrate Augmented Reality into their sales and marketing mix, utilizing Aryel’s WebAR to provide immersive and interactive virtual product demos.

What Aryel did to reach it

With Aryel’s WebAR, Milestone Medical’s sales agents and distributors could now showcase the value of their products without the heavy lifting (literally). The 1:1 scale 3D models provided customers with a clear understanding of space management, helping them visualize how the products would fit into their labs.

If you wanna take a look, you can see Milestone Medical’s experience here.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, they were able to enhance both off and online touchpoints, revolutionizing their sales process and marketing efforts.

Offline touchpoints included sales on-site where agents could perform virtual demos showcasing products without having to bring them directly to the client. Fairs and events were enriched with catalogs, flyers, and offline product visualization experiences that helped conversions and to stand out from the crowd.

Online touchpoints included 3D models directly embedded on product pages, to offer product visualization experiences in WebAR on their website. They shared interactive content on the occasion of new product releases through their newsletters and enriched their editorial calendar on social media with engaging content such as product visualization.

So, not only did Aryel save Milestone Medical from breaking the bank (and their equipment), but it also helped them break sales records – that’s what we call a smashing success: sales agents and distributors were able to perform interactive virtual demos without bringing them on-site, potential customers could understand how much space products occupy in a lab and Milestone Medical is now able to collect insights about visitors and cut costs and risks associated with transport.

The Augmented Reality revolution for heavy equipment manufacturers

By allowing potential customers to see and interact with machinery in a virtual environment, Augmented Reality technology helps them experience the equipment’s features and value without the hassle and expense of transportation, showing the true value of the product while removing frictions in the buying process. 

This not only cuts down on the costs associated with transporting machinery for demos, but it also allows manufacturers to offer product demos at trade shows and exhibitions, enabling new and immersive touchpoints. AR technology also provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing manufacturers to optimize their marketing efforts and create more effective sales strategies.

Moreover, the use of innovative technologies can help manufacturers to gain a significant competitive advantage in the market by standing out from the competitions, especially in crowded markets and spaces, like aforementioned trade fairs. 

Want to capture the attention of your customers? Don’t settle for boring brochures and lackluster product demos, learn how product visualization can take your sales and retention efforts to the next level, on the Aryel’s blog.