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Motivi boosts sales with an AR quiz campaign, increasing in-store purchases by 106%

Discover how Motivi leveraged Aryel to create an Augmented Reality quiz that let user discover the new collection.


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Retaining customers is retail’s biggest challenge: competition is fierce and customers have high expectations of personalized and enjoyable experiences.

Motivi, an Italian clothing retailer, needed to launch their new collection and drive customers to their physical stores while simultaneously revamping their loyalty program. Recognizing the need for a change, Motivi decided to take a bold step and introduce AR gamification experiences to modernize their loyalty program, drive foot traffic to the store and ultimately increase sales.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Motivi’s need to light up the runway
  • Reinventing loyalty programs thanks to AR technology
  • Overcoming the challenge of customer retention 
  • AR-tfully crafted: Augmenting Reality in the fashion industry

Here’s Motivi‘s goal

Motivi was facing the challenge of improving customer engagement, driving user to store while increasing the attractiveness of their loyalty program. Despite offering traditional rewards, the program wasn’t achieving the expected results in terms of engagements and sales.

The goal was to launch effectively a new collection, encouraging drive-to-store and offering a more interactive and engaging experience for customers, to increase their interest in the brand and its products.To achieve this, Motivi leveraged the Augmented Reality technology to create a gaming scenario that helped customers to find the perfect dress based on their preferences

What Aryel did to reach it

Motivi chose Aryel to develop a Dress Boutique Experience, in which the user choose their preferred style, pattern and length of dress to match a certain occasion. The campaign was distributed within Motivi’s social media channels and to existing customers through their CRM: at the end of the quiz a dress that matches the desired characteristics would be proposed to the customer, who could see the whole collection and share the results with friends.

The implementation of an AR gamification campaign was a massive success for Motivi. A 106% increase in store sales of the capsule collection was registered, while 27% of users who participated in the game collected their prize with an average receipt of 105€. This new and innovative approach to the loyalty program helped Motivi to not only retain its customers but also attract new ones, resulting in a significant increase in overall sales.

This experience transformed Motivi’s traditional loyalty program into a modern, interactive, and enjoyable experience that delivered real results for the business. It’s a clear example of how innovation in fashion can pay off, and it’s a step up in the right direction for the retail industry.

AR-tfully crafted: Augmenting Reality in the fashion industry

In the world of omnichannel fashion retail, challenges abound, but Augmented Reality is the perfect accessory to complement any retail strategy.

First thing that gets on the runway is purchase friction: customers can be a tough crowd, often hesitant to buy when they can’t see how an item will look on them. In this case, AR provides a lifelike, three-dimensional representation, and voilĂ  – conversion rates soar. 

With Augmented Reality it’s even possible to address the return rate, a thorn in the side of every fashion store. Letting customers virtually try on items can ensure a snug fit and fewer trips back to the store. It’s like Cinderella’s glass slipper – when it fits, it’s magical.

But there’s more: drive-to-store activities, such as gamified marketing campaigns, entice customers with discount coupons like a moth to a flame. Once they step foot inside, they’re more likely to make spontaneous purchases.
According to a Meta research, 72% of people surveyed said Augmented Reality tools are influential on their purchasing decisions.

Additionally, AR unearths infinite space for your inventory. Even if a specific item isn’t in-store, customers can still explore and try on the entire product catalog through AR.

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