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Dazzling digital natives: how Nove25’s successfully engaged with Millennials and Gen Z

Discover how Nove25 and Aryel's 3D & Augmented Reality technology enchanted Millennials and Gen Z with a scintillating, immersive jewelry shopping experience.


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In the world of eCommerce, jewelry brands face an unprecedented challenge: how can they offer a personal, intimate shopping experience that rivals the in-store experience? Nove25, an Italian jewelry brand, recognized the need to close the gap between the online and offline worlds to eliminate friction and boost sales, while improving its appeal to younger generations.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Nove25’s ambition to sparkle in the digital landscape
  • The role of AR in crafting the Nove25’s dazzling shopping experience
  • How Aryel’s AR Technology polished the brand’s e-commerce presence
  • Millennials and Gen Z expect new shopping realities – AR you ready?

Here’s Nove25‘s goal

Nove25 wanted to eliminate the uncertainties and friction associated with e-commerce and online shopping, envisioning a future where their clients could confidently explore and experience their jewelry collection, blurring the lines between the online and the in-store shopping experience.

To achieve this, Nove25 sought to leverage the latest technologies, like Augmented Reality, to target the digitally-savvy Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

What Aryel did to reach it

Nove25 harnessed Aryel’s cutting-edge technology to bring 3D visualizations of their products into their eCommerce, giving potential customers a virtual hands-on experience of their collections. 

Product pages now feature interactive 360° galleries, captivating their target audience and cementing their position in the Italian jewelry market. The 3D experience also enhances in-store interactions when products are unavailable, as staff can showcase items virtually and guide customers to complete their purchases online.

Demanding customers don’t just want to explore every intricate detail of their jewelry – instead, they want to experience the look and feel of the jewel before making a purchase.
Thanks to Aryel, Nove25 can now provide an interactive and compelling shopping experience that boosts brand loyalty and awareness, while engaging with younger generations in an innovative and alluring way. In addition, it can eliminate the frictions usually associated with online shopping when it comes to jewelry (and fashion in general).

Millennials and Gen Z expect new shopping realities – AR you ready?

The strategy adopted by Nove25 resonates with Millennials and Gen Z shoppers, who wield an estimated $143 billion in spending power and represent 40% of global consumers.

These demographic groups value new, compelling experiences and have an undeniable appetite for brands that push the boundaries of traditional shopping.

Young generations have grown up with digital experiences at their fingertips, making them more inclined to seek out interactivity and immersion in their customer journey: they crave brands that offer engaging, personalized experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical realms. 

Data shows that a staggering 73% of Gen Z consumers prefer brands that offer innovative and immersive experiences, while 71% of Millennials share this sentiment. 

By bringing products to life with 3D visualizations and virtual try-on experiences, AR technology allows these digital natives to connect with brands on a deeper level, while also reducing return rates and increasing overall customer satisfaction, removing obstacles from the customer journey.

Curious to uncover this gem of a world? Discover Aryel’s e-commerce features and witness what Augmented Reality can do firsthand. Unleash your inner creativity and let your shopping experience be transformed into a shining, unforgettable adventure for your customers.