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Tricks, Treats, and Terrifying Tech: Salamini Beretta bewitched consumers’ hunger through a fearsome AR feast

Beretta's goal was to turn their limited-edition Halloween salamis into the monster mash of the season. To do so, they turned to Aryel, the wizards of Augmented Reality.


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Trick or treat may be the Halloween motto, but consumers want more than just candy in their baskets. Brands need to deliver exciting experiences tailored to the season to grab consumers’ attention. For Salamini Beretta, it was time to work some AR magic to deliver a shareable experience with a wow factor.

Beretta, Italy’s leading delicatessen, is the proud owner of Salamini Beretta, ghoulishly delicious sausages conveniently sized for perpetual snacking. Hungry for some marketing magic, they turned to Aryel, the wizards of immersive Augmented Reality.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Salamini Beretta’s need for interactive engagement, not just sales
  • The goal: an enthralling digital journey for playful engagement
  • How Aryel crafted Trick and Treat levels of engagement with AR Magic
  • Endless possibilities for engagement: how AR deliver compelling experiences for every marketing season

Here’s Beretta‘s goal

Halloween was just around the corner, but Salamini Beretta wanted a frighteningly fun experience to showcase their limited edition product. No tricks, just spine-tingling creative treats.

Their goal was to promote awareness and social buzz about their new Halloween-themed sausages. To do so, they needed to conjure up an experience with some serious fright factor.

What Aryel did to reach it

Hungry for an interactive Halloween experience to showcase its limited-edition product, Salamini Beretta decided to create a spooky, engaging Augmented Reality game that would allow fans to playfully interact with the brand.

To do this, Aryel designed an AR “Catch the Items” game that came to life when customers scanned the QR code on Salamini Beretta’s Halloween-themed packaging.

In this 30-second game, users furiously tapped their screens to catch as many virtual sausages as possible while avoiding mischievous bats that deducted points. A Halloween-inspired soundtrack and spooky visual effects created an immersive, game-like experience.

AR experience and filter made for Salamini Beretta

At the end of their 30 seconds, users received a personalized monster ranking from “Zombie” to “Beast” based on their final score. The better their tapping skills, the higher their monster status.

Here you can take a look of the Salamini Beretta’s spooky experience.

Next, a customized landing page congratulated them on their ranking and offered access to the brand’s Instagram AR filter. This filter enhanced the experience by transforming users’ selfies to showcase their assigned monster identity. Whenever the user opened their mouth, their monster wailed in an otherworldly voice… Geez, that’s scary.

More than 76,000 fans enjoyed the AR Minigame, while more than 60,000 reached the landing page after the game. With an average time spent of 1 minute 33 seconds, the campaign delivered monstrous engagement and demonstrable attention.

Through this engaging AR game, Aryel enabled the brand to haunt hungry fans with innovative engagement, providing Halloween fun while promoting Beretta’s salamis. By extending the experience to Instagram, Aryel helped Beretta deliver an integrated, cross-channel campaign that was perfectly timed for the spooky season.

Endless possibilities for engagement: how AR deliver compelling experiences for every marketing season

In an era of fleeting attention spans, consumers crave experiences that engage them, not just advertise to them. This is especially true during holiday seasons and marketing events when anticipation is high.
Augmented Reality offers a wealth of opportunities for brands to tap into this demand for playful, interactive experiences.

Whether it’s Halloween shenanigans, Black Friday blowouts, holiday cheer, or new product launches, AR can transport audiences into imaginative worlds tailored to any occasion. Peak season? Check. Christmas? Check. With AR, the possibilities for connecting with customers in memorable ways are endless.

Aryel’s code-free platform makes it easy for marketers to create engaging narratives and experiences that are tailored to brand messaging and audience. Our drag-and-drop editor allows teams to create filters, quizzes, games, and more to adapt to any marketing opportunity.

The instant shareability of AR extends the reach and resonance of brand experiences. And the value to customers goes beyond advertising – every interaction is an opportunity to entertain and foster deeper emotional connections.

For Salamini Beretta, Aryel provided the monster magic to showcase their limited edition product. But the real power lies in the ease with which such creative experiences can be created for any need, season or event.