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Tic Tac toes the line with an innovative approach to candy marketing, thanks to Aryel

To promote all the flavors in the range, Aryel embraced Tic Tac's playful spirit to craft an AR Catch the Item game in which users could take part and play with their confetti flavors, each represented by its own character.


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For a love brand like Tic Tac, it is important not only to innovate, but also to find new ways to showcase its vibrant flavor palette while engaging with consumers in a fun way. The brand needed to shake up the traditional candy marketing playbook to create buzz around its flavor offerings.

What better way to do that than with a sugar high dose of Augmented Reality?

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Tic Tac’s goal: making candy marketing exciting again
  • The challenge: Tic Tac’s need for a fresh digital approach
  • Tap, tilt and taste: Tic Tac’s playful AR adventure to showcase their range of flavors
  • Telling your tale, with tech: how AR puts brands in the storyteller’s seat

Here’s Tic Tac‘s goal

Even for seasoned candy makers, keeping flavor experiences fresh is a constant challenge. Tic Tac wanted to reinvigorate interest in their candy flavors by leveraging their playful tone and vibrant palette.

The campaign, themed “Which TIC TAC will you choose today?” was designed to create a seamless blend of flavor, emotion and color. The experience needed to channel this colorful, feel-good spirit through a socially shareable moment.

What Aryel did to reach it

Teaming up with Bcube, Publicis Groupe’s agency, Aryel crafted an immersive, Augmented Reality experience leaning into Tic Tac’s playful spirit.

After the user scans the QR code on the Tic Tac box, the game will launch. Here, they would be taken to the heart of the experience: a spinning wheel with all of the different Tic Tac moods and characters, each representing a different flavor profile.

After selecting their first flavor, users entered a fast-paced, 30-second round of catching matching characters by tilting their heads as candies flew across the screen. Banana peels and clouds also fall through the screen as obstacles to avoid.

Experience flow of the AR minigame made for Tic Tac

Here you can have a taste of Tic Tac’s experience.

Completing each round exposed users to a different flavor, mood and candy character, keeping the experience fresh. As users progressed, they unlocked new levels and built up their score. After 7 rounds, their final score was displayed and users could take a shareable selfie with all the Tic Tac characters and flavors they had played with during the game.

This interactive, digital experience brought the essence of the Tic Tac brand to life, giving users a flavor-based adventure that inspired sharing on social media and built awareness for the new offerings.

Telling your tale, with tech: how AR puts brands in the storyteller’s seat

Tic Tac has built its beloved brand on delivering moments of indulgence through bursts of flavor. With Aryel, Tic Tac was finally able to take the reins and tell its flavor story through an engaging journey of discovery.

The interactive gameplay provided a compelling way for consumers to appreciate what makes Tic Tac candies special – their vibrancy, novelty and sense of adventure. Users were able to enter this vibrant brand world and experience Tic Tac’s spirit of play in a personalized way.

For iconic brands, AR is a powerful way to extend engagement beyond passive consumption. Tic Tac was able to activate its colorful identity, allowing customers to enjoy the exciting, shareable experience of interacting with the products on a sensory level.

When brands showcase their qualities through immersive storytelling, consumers build more meaningful connections with products they may have overlooked on a shelf or screen.
With Aryel’s AR solution, any brand can create immersive experiences that put their vision directly in the hands of users. The technology provides a portal for brands to showcase the tangible qualities that set their products apart.

Whether it’s a spirit of playfulness, a commitment to quality, or pride in craftsmanship, AR gives brands a canvas to express their essence through interactive storytelling, turning their unique brand narratives into compelling consumer adventures.