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Artrust brings artworks to life with Aryel, technical sponsor for Maroggia Triennial Exhibition

September 15, 2021

Aryel x Artrust - Customer story

Artrust has chosen the Aryel platform to create engaging, innovative WebAR experiences that bring artworks to life on the occasion of the Maroggia Triennial Exhibition.

Entrusted to the Artrust art gallery, Maroggia Triennial Exhibition is an art exhibition project dedicated to Street Art. 

In such a context, Artrust offered visitors and potential buyers the opportunity to see and animate artworks with WebAR on their smartphones, simply by scanning the catalog or the works during the exhibition.

Aryel Artrust Case Study

This allowed artists and curators to showcase works in a new and engaging way and enable visitors to live an immersive experience before, during, and after the event.

Aryel, as well as being the platform chosen to develop the WebAR experiences, is also among the technical sponsors for the Maroggia Triennial Exhibition.