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Dispensa harness AR to increase Lead Generation and Conversion Rates with a personalized UX

January 12, 2023

Cover of case study "Aryel x" is a unique and innovative platform that combines both a physical and virtual space for individuals to discover and explore new flavors and culinary experiences.
The missions of is to bring together diverse cultures and flavors from around the world and offer them in one place, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for diversity.

With the goal of generating more leads and improving conversion rates through a personalized and engaging user experience, they partnered with Aryel, and implemented an AR quiz that utilizes a “personality” question tree to identify the user’s preferences

Based on the user’s responses, the quiz associates them with a particular buyer persona and proposes the most suitable products for them. As an added incentive, the quiz also offers users the chance to receive a discount coupon for their purchase by submitting their personal information through a form.

The quiz not only serves as a lead generation tool, but also has an educational aspect. The thank-you page provides users with information about the product that was chosen specifically for them, further enhancing the personalized nature of the experience.

In addition, has integrated the Aryel with its Hubspot CRM system, allowing users to receive discount coupons directly via e-mail at the end of the experience while simultaneously keeping tight hold of the leads generated.

The implementation of the AR quiz proved to be a winning strategy for The personalized and engaging nature of the quiz led to a significant increase in lead generation and conversion rates.

This AR quiz is a prime example of how combining personalized experiences with lead generation can lead to successful results. The quiz ability to identify and cater to individual user preferences, combined with its educational aspect and integration with a CRM system, has allowed to effectively engage and convert users.

‘’ is ready to become a point of reference for those who are looking for beverage products, wines, sprits and beers; it is becoming a fluid space where our customers have the chance to discover our bottles and hear their stories. First of all, we have selected Aryel to make our marketing campaings more interactive and engaging. Additional projects are foreseen in the medium term, our aim is to work on our packaging and to creare some A/R spots within our stores, thus giving digital storytelling elements to our labels.’’ asserts the marketing team of

You can try the experience here.