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Aryel, the innovative startup enabling agencies and brands to create, deliver and optimize AR advertising solutions, unveiled a strategic partnership with Locala, the leading platform to effectively plan, buy and measure local campaigns worldwide.

This partnership underlines Locala’s commitment in seeking innovative and technologically advanced solutions for advertising communication. The collaboration with Aryel allows Locala to offer its clients highly memorable ads, increasing the impact of ADV campaigns thanks to Aryel’s AR Display formats, which achieve Attention Time benchmarks of 1.33mins. At the same time, Locala’s expertise in Local Advertising will enable joint studies on the impact of Augmented Reality in this area.

The strategic union of these two players will enable brands to make more informed marketing and business decisions, thanks to a specific data-driven approach: in fact, Locala’s location intelligence platform enables local demographic data tracking and identifies areas of high concentration and affluence of one’s target audience. On the other hand, advertising solutions based on augmented reality do not only arouse more interest in the audience than traditional ones, but also have a proven impact on user engagement. 

Furthermore, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Aryel enables the collection of first-party data on biometric features and emotional reactions of users, as well as on the attention spots of each product. This implies not only the ability to precisely identify target traits, but above all to understand with which areas or features of the product and/or ad the user has interacted the most. 

Moreover, both Aryel and Locala operate in full compliance with GDPR regulations and with full adherence to user privacy, as well as in line with IAB standards. The campaigns covered by the collaboration will be distributed in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Asia.

The combination of Locala’s expertise in driving consumers to the POS to stimulate purchase, coupled with the innovation brought by the Aryel platform in delivering augmented reality-enhanced formats will allow advertisers to reach their target audiences in a more targeted and engaging way.

Voices from leaders

Benvenuto Alfieri, Locala Italy’s Country Manager, stated: ”We found in Aryel an extremely helpful partner with a truly unique quality. With Mattia and his team, a deep esteem and synergy was immediately established, which led us to make our collaboration international and successful. The first campaigns we did together saw remarkable results and great customer satisfaction”. 

Mattia Salvi,CEO & Co-Founder of Aryel adds: ”I am excited about this collaboration with Locala, which marks an important step for Aryel in making its mark in drive-to-store campaigns. This partnership will allow us to expand our reach, delivering concrete benefits in terms of advertising effectiveness and increased conversions for brands on a global scale”.

Ultimately, this joint effort holds the promise of opening up new opportunities in the market for advertisers, helping to establish the position of Aryel and Locala as pioneers in offering advertising formats with tangible, avant-garde results. As consumers continue to demand more engaging and relevant content, AR advertising emerges as a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also sets new standards for advertising effectiveness in the digital age.