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Unveiling Aryel’s July Update: streamlined onboarding, Account Page upgrades and a powerful Template Search

July 28, 2023

Product Updates | July

Hello AR enthusiasts,

We’re back with our July product update, and it’s jam-packed with features designed to enhance your Aryel experience. Our team has been putting in the elbow grease to fine-tune our platform and make your AR campaigns as straightforward and effective as possible.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the details of our latest improvements.

A new streamlined Onboarding Process

We understand how important it is to start your AR journey on the right foot.
With this in mind, we have overhauled our onboarding process, making it more simple and user-friendly.

After registering, you will now encounter a single modal that gathers essential information about your needs and preferences. This process replaces our previous 5-step onboarding, reducing the amount of information we need from you and putting you on the right track to start creating.

You’ll now see options for individual use, student or teacher use. We’ve included these categories in response to feedback we received from users who didn’t fit into the traditional ‘company’ category.

Once you’ve completed this process, you can ask to schedule a demo with us – if you wish to dive deeper into what Aryel can do for you.

Account Page overhaul

Next up is a significant makeover of the Account Page. The information on this page now mirrors the data we collect during the new onboarding process.

In addition, you can now define your preferred template categories right from the Account Page. This personalization will be reflected in the ‘Selected by you’ section on the Template Page, making it even more tailored to your needs.

Enhanced Template Search

Lastly, we’ve turbocharged the Template Page with a powerful new search function, enabling you to search for campaigns by name. When you activate the search field, a helpful tooltip containing your most recent searches will pop up, aiding in quicker and more precise navigation.

Your search results are then neatly arranged by categories, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Wrapping up

And there you have it – your latest Aryel product update.
We hope these enhancements will simplify even more the way you build and manage your AR campaigns.

As always, we’ve ironed out any bugs and fine-tuned our platform to ensure a seamless Aryel experience.

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates and features, as we continue to enhance and expand our platform.
Until next time.


The Aryel Team