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Aryel and OMG Join Forces to Redefine Display Advertising with Augmented Reality

March 14, 2024

Aryel & OMG partnership to revolutionize Display Advertising through Augmented Reality

Aryel, the cutting-edge platform that enables agencies and brands to create, distribute, and optimize immersive augmented reality advertising campaigns, announces today a strategic partnership with Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media division of Omnicom Group Inc., a global leader in advertising, marketing, and communication services.

This partnership confirms OMG’s commitment to finding customized and unique solutions for advertising communication. Collaborating with Aryel allows OMG to refine consulting tools related to the application of augmented reality to offer its clients more engaging, interactive ads and a competitive advantage in testing new formats. Aryel’s creative solutions for display advertising perfectly integrate into OMG’s advertising strategy and planning processes, removing barriers between creativity and media effectiveness, offering a new perspective in audience interaction. At the same time, OMG’s expertise in eCommerce will enable joint studies on the impact of Augmented Reality in this field.

Thanks to this integration, OMG can offer innovative and multimedia advertising experiences that meet current market needs while being projected towards the future of immersive environments. A further commitment for OMG to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions to harmonize media, creativity, strategy, and data to ensure tangible results in the constantly evolving digital landscape. In summary, this partnership is not only a fusion of creativity and technology but also a step forward towards smarter, targeted, and result-oriented advertising.

In a context where consumer attention and profiling have become central, Aryel’s services allow overcoming traditional approaches, enabling companies to start dynamic conversations with their audience and increase direct interactions through high-performance multimedia support.

Moreover, Aryel’s innovative platform is not limited to creating immersive ads; it extends to a more accurate measurement of such ads’ impact. Using advanced technologies, such as AI, Aryel enables the collection of high-quality first-party data on users’ emotional reactions, in full compliance with GDPR regulations, thus offering more detailed insights to optimize marketing strategies and increase ROI.

Voices from leaders

Andrea Girelli, MarTech Director at OMG, claimed: “This partnership offers us a new avenue to explore and implement innovative media and communication solutions. It’s personalized and enables us to further explore the effectiveness of advertising stimuli, providing our clients with the best resources available in the market.”

Mattia Salvi, CEO & Co-Founder of Aryel, added: “Working alongside OMG, we’re forging a new advertising paradigm aimed at fostering meaningful interactions with consumers. Augmented Reality transforms display ads into immersive, personalized experiences, sparking interactive dialogues with brands. With the integration of AI and programmatic distribution, we can analyze and understand emotional responses in real-time on a large scale, optimizing campaigns for deeper resonance.”

As Aryel and OMG join forces, the advertising landscape is set to expand like never before. As consumers continue to demand more engaging and relevant content, AR advertising emerges as a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also sets new standards for advertising effectiveness in the digital age.