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Aryel & Teads: a powerhouse partnership for bringing 3D/AR in Advertising

March 21, 2023

Partnership Aryel x Teads

Aryel, the innovative no-code Augmented Reality platform for marketers, is joining forces with Teads, the global media platform, to transform the world of digital marketing. Together, we’re on a mission to revolutionize advertising, providing brands, agencies and SME access to new media formats of advertising, previously limited to large investment and media budgets. Through this partnership creating and distributing new creatives and media formats, in 3D or on AR, will be simple and accessible to all.

Get ready, marketers, as this partnership is set to take your campaigns to new heights.

Teads is one of the biggest global media platforms and is known for their non-intrusive ad formats: they excel in delivering programmatic, video, and viewable display advertising solutions. Aryel, on the other hand, offers a user-friendly platform that empowers marketing and creative teams to easily create and share high-performance Augmented Reality content using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Together, Aryel and Teads aim to provide a cutting edge solution for creating immersive Augmented Reality and 3D advertising experiences and distribute them on a global scale. The partnership will enable users to develop captivating AR experiences, such as AR landing pages, In-line 3D banner and video content, quizzes, and mini-games, in a simple and scalable way, thanks to Aryel’s no-code technology. This significantly reduces the costs associated with 3D elements for AR campaigns, enabling their creation on a larger scale.

Joining forces to tackle Advertising challenges

This collaboration also addresses some of the most pressing challenges faced by marketers today, such as banner blindness (the tendency for users to consciously or unconsciously ignore banner ads) and consumer overstimulation from advertisements. On average, users are exposed to advertising between 6,000 and 10,000 times per day, making it increasingly difficult to capture and maintain their attention.

Innovative content and advertising formats are essential for offering consumers more engaging and memorable experiences. By refreshing the advertising scenario and allowing users to interact with these experiences, Aryel and Teads aim to combat the advertising fatigue that many consumers face today.

Aryel’s intuitive and drag-and-drop interfaces simplify the creation of AR experiences without the need for coding, while Teads offers the ability to distribute these experiences on a global scale. Sounds like a match made in Advertising heaven.

Immersive AR experience of Advertising for a Intern Design shop

A word from the industry space leaders

Aryel’s CEO, Mattia Salvi, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: “Aryel is excited to collaborate with Teads to further expand Augmented Reality in advertising. Our no-code technology allows anyone to create augmented reality experiences easily and scalably, without the need for specific technical skills. This collaboration will enable us to reach a larger number of users and further spread augmented reality and its applications.”

Giorgia Corvaglia, Head of Teads Studio Italy, highlighted the significance of this collaboration: “Enhancing an advertising experience means, above all, expanding the possibility of capturing the user’s attention in a more qualitative way. This aspect should not be underestimated, as we live in a historical era where the digital space is crowded with a plethora of content and standing out is increasingly difficult. Teads has always worked to develop and intercept technological opportunities to enhance our offerings. This collaboration is a win-win for both sides, as Aryel seamlessly integrates with Teads Studio’s technological structure, which helps us drive the effectiveness of our campaigns.”

As Aryel and Teads unite their strengths, the advertising galaxy is set to expand like never before. With Augmented Reality as our rocket fuel, marketers can shoot for the stars and make a cosmic impact, leaving digital dullness light-years behind.