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Enhanced management for Assets, Scenes and Interactions: catch the wave of the Aryel’s August Product Update

September 20, 2023

Product Updates | August

Hello there, AR enthusiasts.

As the summer season unfolds, so does Aryel’s commitment to improving your Augmented Reality experience. We’ve been hard at work to bring you some truly exciting updates and enhancements. So, grab a cool drink, find a comfortable spot in the shade, and let’s dive into the August Product Update.

Advanced management features for AR assets in scenes

Managing your AR assets in scenes just got a lot easier with these new features.

  • Reordering: You can now organize your AR asset list in the order that best suits you. Simply click-and-drag the items in your list to arrange them as you prefer.
  • Lock/Unlock: Now you can lock objects in your workspace, preventing them from being accidentally moved or changed. Once you’re ready to make modifications, just unlock the object, and you’re good to go.
  • Show/Hide: We’ve added a handy feature that will make composing your scenes much easier. This feature allows you to hide objects that might be getting in the way because they overlap with other elements in the scene composition.
  • Duplicate: Lastly, the duplicate feature is here to save the day (and your time)! You can now duplicate an asset, along with all its properties and interactions, with just a click.

Reordering scenes, made easy

Arranging your scenes of your campaign is now a breeze with our new drag & drop feature for scene tabs.

This is especially useful when duplicating or adding scenes, because those are automatically placed at the end of the list by the system. With this you can now insert them at a specific point in your campaign’s flow. Plus, whenever you reorder tabs, the complete list of scenes is updated accordingly.

Duplicating and Reordering interactions

We’re also introducing new features that make managing interactions much more intuitive.

  • Duplicate: You can now create an exact copy of any interaction. The copy, named as the original with ‘copy’ added, will appear right after the original in the list. The action places the copy at the end of the list, and the system automatically scrolls to the newly created interaction.
  • Delete: This action allows you to delete any interaction that is no longer needed.

The ‘Add interaction’ link is always available at the top of the panel, ensuring you can easily add new interactions at any time.
Furthermore, you now have the capability to reorder your interactions, enabling the system to read them in the correct order (top to bottom). A draggable handler will appear when you hover over an item, and you can drag items whether they are expanded or collapsed.

As always, we’ve made some overall improvements and squashed a few bugs to ensure your experience with our tool remains as seamless as ever.

And with this, the Aryel’s August Product Updates come to an end. Enjoy riding the wave of these new updates, and stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of AR with Aryel.

The Aryel Team