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Juicy June’s updates: UI improvements, Fav Templates and a new ‘Try Now’ preview of campaigns

June 30, 2023

Product Updates | June

Greetings, AR creators and enthusiasts!

We’re back again with a host of new features and improvements to elevate your Augmented Reality creation with Aryel. June is looking promising, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been tirelessly working on behind the scenes. Our mission remains the same, ensure Aryel continues to empower your marketing efforts in the most user-friendly way possible. So, without further ado, let’s delve into our latest updates!

A fresh new ‘Try Now’ feature for Templates

Our first major update for June is the ‘Try Now’ feature. This update comes from our commitment to provide you with more control and visualization in your campaign creation process.

From the details overlay panel, you can now preview how your campaign would look even before choosing your template. To do this, simply choose your desired template and click to get detailed information. Then, by clicking on the ‘Try Now’ button, you’ll be guided through a few straightforward steps to preview your working campaign.

The ‘Try Now’ feature isn’t limited to just one type of campaign. Whether it’s immersive 360, campaigns controlled by face, those triggered by images or the ones where the 3D models are placed on a surface this feature has got you covered. And for all the geo-localized campaigns, we provide a sample video to give you a sneak peek of how these campaigns work.

‘Favorite Templates’ display in your ‘Campaigns’ page

We understand that you might have favorite templates that you frequently use to create your campaigns. To make your workflow even more efficient, we’ve made a slight tweak to your ‘Campaigns’ page.

Now, any template that you save as a favorite will be displayed at the top of your ‘Campaigns’ page. This feature serves as a quick shortcut for you to launch new campaigns, saving you precious time and effort.

UI improvements of the ‘Choose Account’ screen

Our third update this month revolves around enhancing the user experience for those of you who manage multiple Aryel accounts.

We’ve given the ‘Choose Account’ screen a significant UI makeover to make account navigation clearer and more intuitive. The account you own will now be displayed more prominently compared to the accounts where you only act as a collaborator. Plus, we’ve added clear labels to distinguish whether you’re an ‘owner’ or a ‘collaborator’.

Final thoughts

As with every update, we’ve made the necessary bug fixes and general improvements to make sure your experience with Aryel remains top-notch.

We’re excited for you to try out these new features and can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback. We believe these updates will go a long way in making your AR campaign creation journey more seamless and efficient. Until our next update, happy creating!

Your Aryel Team