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Shopify Meets Aryel: an integration for your e-commerce’s success

May 9, 2023

Aryel-Shopify integration: add 3D models and Augmented Reality to your store

Hey there, fellow marketing enthusiasts, we’ve got some thrilling news that’s about to make your wildest e-commerce dreams come true.

We bet you have come across, while shopping online, through an e-commerce store that offers the perfect product that meets your needs. You want to be confident in your choice, but static images and basic product descriptions just aren’t cutting it. If only there were a way to see the product in 3D, virtually trying it on, or see how it fits in your living space…

This is where Aryel’s integration with Shopify comes into play, empowering merchants to spice up their e-commerce stores flavors and boost conversions by reducing friction in the buying process.

Aryel x Shopify integration: key features and benefits

The Aryel’s integration with Shopify brings together the best of Augmented Reality technology and e-commerce, offering new possibilities for both merchants and shoppers. Let’s take a closer look at the standout features of this integration:

  • 3D/AR Product Visualization: it allows customers to interact with products using realistic 3D assets and images. This enables them to see products “like in real life” – from multiple angles, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the item they’re considering purchasing. Enhanced product visualization can lead to increased customer confidence, fewer returns, and higher conversion rates.
  • Virtual Try-On: utilizing AR face-tracking technology, merchants can now offer virtual try-ons for products like sunglasses, jewelry, and more. Customers can see how items will look on them in real-time, right from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual try-ons help reduce uncertainty in the buying process while providing an engaging, personalized shopping experience that can boost sales.
  • Interactive 3D Viewer: Enhance your product pages by embedding an interactive 3D viewer that allows customers to explore your products in detail. Interactive elements and experiences can increase user engagement and dwell time on your website, ultimately contributing to higher conversion rates.
  • Customization Options: personalize the product visualization experience by adjusting viewer size, camera angle, and gestures. Customization options cater to your brand’s unique needs and help create an immersive, tailored experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

By leveraging these powerful Aryel-Shopify integration features, merchants can create an unparalleled shopping experience for their customers, resulting in increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and a thriving online business.

Transform your Shopify store, thanks to Augmented Reality

Aryel, the innovative no-code Augmented Reality platform for marketers, is now fully integrated with Shopify, the leading e-commerce platforms. Together, they’re bringing the power of 3D product visualization and AR to product pages, creating a seamless, interactive, and enthralling shopping experience for customers. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse and hello to confident, satisfied customers.

Want to know more about this outstanding integration? Check the app’s page on the Shopify Store and start today to dazzle your customer with your product’s best profile.
Otherwise, our sales are always happy to help: why not book a call?