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Level up your Templates, Triggers, and Reporting game: enter the September Product Updates

September 29, 2023

Product Updates | September

Hello there, AR cosmonauts.

We’re back from soaking up the summer sun and are equipped with some hot AR updates to beat the back-to-work blues. So grab a coffee, put your feet up, and let’s dive in the September Product Updates.

Industry filter in the Category pages of Templates

To streamline template selection, we’ve added an “Industries” filter to all template category pages like “Product Visualization” and “Virtual Try-On.”

With this new feature, you can now browse templates by category that fits your use case, and filter by industry to see templates tailored to you and your business.

This saves you time searching for the most relevant templates that fit your needs. Give the industry filter a test run next time you build a campaign.

A button to manually process Triggers in Image Campaigns

For image recognition campaigns, we’ve added a handy button to ensure all trigger images are processed before the go-live.

Why is processing required? Well, it guarantees your mobile AR experience goes off flawlessly. The Process button lets you manually validate any new triggers added, even after publishing.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a new image trigger is added, the “Process” button enables;
  • Click the button and wait for image analysis;
  • Button disables when processing is complete.

If the button is still enabled, you’ve got trigger images that need processing. Mobile AR won’t fully activate until all triggers are processed.

3D Viewer metrics are now available in the Reports page

For those utilizing 3D model embeds, you can now view engagement metrics seamlessly alongside your AR campaigns. We’ll auto-compile data like views and interactions into your overall Reports page.

This makes your Reports page the one destination to monitor performances across all AR and 3D initiatives.

That wraps up the Aryel’s September Product Updates: as always, we’ve made general improvements and eliminated some bugs to ensure a seamless Aryel experience.
The Aryel Team