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Aryel and Cube Proemotion empower M&M’s and Maltesers promotional strategy through Augmented Reality

Through the M&M's and Maltesers contest, Aryel and Cube Proemotion spearhead the forefront of promotional marketing, thanks to an immersive gamification experience that drives engagement to record levels, strengthens contest initiatives, and proves masterful in fostering brand loyalty.


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Amidst the plethora of contests and promos that surround us, how can a brand set itself apart with a truly engaging and authentically funny promotional initiative?

M&M’s and Maltesers, two well-known brands of the Mars Group, were faced with just such a challenge: to give the “Insieme c’è più gusto” contest a distinctive and fresh look, so as to increase sales and encourage people to participate. Teaming up with Aryel and Cube Proemotion, the two brands created a cutting-edge gaming experience that proved to be extremely effective in arousing appeal for the initiative and enhancing target audience loyalty.

To achieve this goal, a strategic approach was taken: playing in AR did not simply gave the user an opportunity to have fun through a very different game from the usual ones, but provided back at the end of the experience an extra code to join the contest that, if paired with the primary code obtained through receipt, would increase the chances of winning the final prize. This stream gave users an extra stimulus to participate, contributing to a broader reach and enhanced brand recognition for M&M’s and Maltesers products. Another demonstration of how augmented reality is not limited to a temporary wow effect, but actually contributes to improving companies business goals, KPIs, and Return On Investment. 

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • M&M’s and Maltesers goal: to boost sales and attendance to the “Insieme c’è più gusto” contest
  • Beyond the ordinary: Aryel and Cube Proemotion’s commitment to make a difference and raise target audience interest for the contest 
  • From concept to creation: how Aryel turned the contest out to be groundbreaking and different from any other traditional promotional initiative
  • The forefront of promotional marketing: AR impact in enhancing engagement and loyalty

Here’s M&M’s and Maltesers’’s goal

M&M’s and Maltesers aimed to lift their promotional campaign, “Insieme c’è più gusto”beyond conventional methods in order to bolster sales and promote active attendance.

The goal was to distinguish their contest through innovation, attracting consumers with an engaging experience that not only entertained but also provided a tangible incentive for participation. By partnering with Aryel and Cube Proemotion, the brands wanted to bring a fresh appeal to their promotional strategy, thereby fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty.

What Aryel did to reach itrn

Cube Proemotion, thanks to Aryel platform, developed an augmented reality game to meet the goals set by M&M’s and Maltesers.

The AR experience began with clear instructions for users on how to play. At the actual start, users found themselves in the midst of an interactive cascade of M&M’s and Maltesers chocolates falling around them. Their task was to tap on the screen to catch the chocolates while dodging hurdles such as clouds and bananas.

To get the extra voucher, users had to earn a minimum of 30 points within the given time frame. The ‘try again‘ button embedded in the final thank you page gave the user the option to play again if the score to get the extra code was not reached. On the contrary, if successful, users would receive a coupon on the final thank you page that they could then redeem on the contest website, increasing their chances of winning the final prize, a Glovo gift card worth up to €500.


The contest was launched from January 15 to March 31, 2024. The campaign was deployed across a variety of different touchpoints: starting from QR codes on in-store merchandisers, on the contest website and on social media.

During the live period of the AR campaign for M&M’s and Maltesers, user engagement soared, yielding remarkable outcomes. Over 1480 users actively joined in, spending an average of 2 minutes and 32 seconds to the immersive experience. This robust engagement resulted in concrete achievements, with 2227 coupons redeemed, pointing to a high level of consumer interest and engagement. Furthermore, the campaign’s success is underscored by the minimal drop observed during gameplay, from start to finish and even during leaderboard submissions. Overall, the campaign achieved amazing engagement levels, driving significant user interaction and attendance.

This omnichannel approach ensured targeted and effective delivery, allowing the resonance of the campaign to be broadened and ensuring optimal reach of the target audience.

The forefront of promotional marketing: AR impact in enhancing engagement and loyalty

Augmented reality is the new frontier in promotional marketing that can disrupt traditional engagement and loyalty approaches.

By integrating AR technology into their communication strategies, brands can offer consumers immersive and interactive experiences that effectively grab their attention and foster deeper connections

AR games can act as a gateway to initiatives such as contests and promos, as demonstrated by the case of M&M’s and Maltesers: these experiences do more than just entertain; they can be used functionally and strategically to prompt specific conversions and desired behaviors, leading to increased retention and loyalty of the customer base. 

AR Quizzes can do the same, moreover allowing companies to track user data and preferences, gaining valuable insights to reshape offers and marketing campaigns.

AR’s ability to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds offers brands a powerful tool to elevate their promotional efforts, fostering engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, business success.