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Coop stuns audiences with AR, achieving a remarkable 17.3% engagement rate

Leveraging Phd and Aryel's expertise, Coop introduces captivating advertising cards, spotlighting the new Pet Food line and a variety of healthy breakfast selections.


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In the ever-evolving landscape of large-scale retail trade, how can a leading agency effectively spotlight its client’s unique product offerings through display advertising?

PHD, the renowned communications agency, took up the challenge issued by its client Coop, the Italian retail giant. Coop wanted to highlight its latest offerings in the Pet Food category and its healthy breakfast products. Aiming to increase user engagement, Coop put the spotlight on its diverse product portfolio, which caters to both pet owners and health-conscious consumers.

To achieve this, PHD strategically employed innovative 3D/AR display ads formats, interactive 3D cards that the user could click and rotate directly in the banner to find out more.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Coop’s goal: captivating audiences with its latest array of products
  • Beyond the shelves: Coop’s journey towards an immersive retail experience
  • From concept to creation: Coop’s innovative approach to enhancing customer experience with Augmented Reality 
  • Display ads: how AR is reshaping consumer engagement for GDO product lines

Here’s Coop‘s goal

Coop’s goal was to pioneer a completely new approach to promote its two new product lines with formats capable of catching attention while simultaneously driving engagement by integrating augmented reality filters into these same formats.

Leveraging Phd’s long-term expertise in advertising communication, they aimed to offer an innovative and interactive method to engage with customers, showcasing the latest product lines and encouraging further exploration of product details by redirecting users to the Coop website. Additionally, they sought to provide an element of entertainment through the integration of filters.

What Aryel did to reach it

PHD, leveraging Aryel’s augmented reality platform, meticulously crafted interactive 3D cards tailored for Coop’s Pet product range. This involved ensuring a balance between catching texts to capture the target audience’s attention and precise focus on the product line. The strategic fusion of entertainment and information amplified the resonance of Coop’s ads, resulting in an impressive 17.2% interaction rate.

Moreover, PHD enriched these cards with direct call-to-action links to Coop’s website and thematic AR filters, providing users with an additional incentive to explore the products while enjoying interactive content. This innovative approach generated a photo download rate through AR filters over 7 times higher than standard benchmarks for similar formats.

Similarly, PHD leveraged Aryel’s innovative 3D shapes Interactive Card format to elevate Coop’s product range for a healthy breakfast. This approach streamlined user engagement by focusing on a single call-to-action prompt, inviting users to explore the dedicated Coop website section for a nutritious breakfast. This strategic direction effectively guided consumers towards discovering the healthy options offered by Coop, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 8.17%.

Explore Coop's offerings through immersive AR experiences

The campaigns were distributed in programmatic, ensuring precise targeting and maximum effectiveness. This approach enabled broad outreach to potential consumers, enhancing impact on the intended audience.

3D/AR Display Ads: how they are reshaping consumer engagement for GDO product lines

Augmented Reality (AR) technology presents a game-changing opportunity for the GDO industry, revolutionizing how brands engage with consumers and showcase their product lines.

AR offers immersive experiences that significantly enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. One key aspect of this transformation is AR’s ability to create interactive and engaging content within display advertising. By leveraging AR, GDO brands can captivate consumers’ attention in an increasingly saturated digital landscape.

Moreover, AR enables brands to provide innovative ways for consumers to interact with products, through cutting-edge 3D models directly embedded into banners or immersive storytelling experiences. These experiences not only enhance brand visibility but also drive consumer engagement and purchase intent.

Furthermore, AR technology offers valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences. By analyzing user interactions with AR content, brands can gather data to tailor their marketing strategies and enhance the overall shopping experience.

In essence, AR represents a powerful tool for GDO brands to differentiate themselves in the market, drive consumer engagement, and ultimately, boost sales and brand loyalty.