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Aryel Integrations

Seamlessly IntegrateAll of Your Favorite Tools

Connect Aryel with most-used marketing tools to keep your daily routine stress-free and more potent than ever.

Active Campaign logo


Unleash the power of AR lead generation and nurturing by seamlessly linking your ActiveCampaign with Aryel.

Logo Adform


Leverage Adform's capabilities to serve captivating 3D/AR display advertising seamlessly provided by Aryel's platform.

Crazy Egg logo

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg help you see what's hot and what's not, and to know what users are doing while enjoying your AR experiences.

Facebook Pixel logo

Facebook Pixel

Get in contact with your customers via the most famous Social, build your reputation and start to sell on Facebook.

Google ADV

Google Ads

Boost your ROI and get the most from your AR campaigns, efficiently advertising them online with Google Ads.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Track your AR campaigns activity and get to know users' insights and needs, bridging the off- and online worlds.

Logo Display & Video 360

Google Display & Video 360

Integrate Aryel's ad tags as third-party creatives into DV360, ensuring enhanced performance for your campaigns.

Google Tag Manager logo

Google Tag Manager

Easily update measurement codes and related code fragments on your AR marketing campaigns with Tag Manager.

Hotjar Logo


Understand users' behavior on your AR campaigns and get feedback from tools like heatmaps and surveys.

Hubspot logo


Connect HubSpot's CRM with your WebAR campaigns and supercharge the power of lead generation and nurturing.

Logo Intercom


Sync your Intercom account with Aryel to tap into the extensive potential of AR lead generation and nurturing.



JotURL helps elevate your brand, track leads, and convert more business with an all-in-one link management platform.

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn Insight Tag

Get the most from LinkedIn Insight Tag and create retargeting sponsored posts for your AR campaigns audience.

Logo Locala


Distribute Aryel's ad creatives, in direct with Locala, with their DtS ad formats and through premium publishers network.

Magento logo


Redefine the online shopping experience on your Magento's store by introducing the exciting dimensions of 3D and AR.

Mailchimp logo


Let connect your augmented reality campaigns with Mailchimp, and accelerate your marketing growth.

MailUp logo


Connect your MailUp'account with Aryel and unlock the full potential of AR lead generation and nurturing.



Globally distribute Aryel's AR-powered ad creatives via Outbrain, leveraging their native publisher network.

Pexels logo


Enjoy a furnished library of free stock photo and video and find great pictures to use for free in your AR campaigns.

Ready Player Me logo

Ready Player Me

Create your avatar and explore virtual worlds with unique 3D identity thanks to Ready Player Me and Aryel.

Salesforce logo


Combine Salesforce with Aryel to harness the full spectrum of AR-based lead generation and nurturing capabilities.

Shopify logo


Give shoppers a new way to experience your products when you add 3D & AR to your online Shopify store.

Sketchfab logo


Explore a library with thousands of 3D ready-to-use assets and find the perfect fit for your AR experience.



Distribute Aryel's ad creatives globally, in direct with Teads, through their premium publishers network.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk

Supercharge your programmatic campaigns with Aryel's 3D/AR Rich Media through ready-made integration with The Trade Desk.

Logo Undertone


Distribute Aryel's ad creatives, in direct with Undertone, as high impact ads solutions across all platforms, screens, and devices.

Unsplash logo


Browse and find images, and ready-to-use objects for your scenes, from one of the world’s leading photography websites.

WIX logo


Transform your WIX's website into an unique immersive destination by integrating augmented reality experiences.

Woocommerce logo


Elevate your customers' product interactions by incorporating 3D and AR into your WooCommerce powered online store.

Logo Xandr


Elevate your programmatic campaigns with Aryel's Immersive Rich Media by connecting them with Xandr.

Zoho logo

Zoho CRM

Maximize the impact AR-power lead generation and nurturing campaigns with the fusion of Zoho CRM and Aryel.