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Fantic Motor enhances customer journey with Aryel AR-powered product visualization

Discover how Fantic Motor enhances their e-commerce conversion rates with Aryel AR-powered product visualization.


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The e-commerce space nowadays is more and more crowded: brands have to constantly find new ways to increase performances, providing customers with new levels of product exploration, because the traditional product pages sometimes aren’t enough to fully engage them in the early stages of discovery and brand awareness. 

Gear up for the Fantic Motor customer success story, to discover how they teamed up with Aryel to open new and engaging ways to showcase their products and increase the performance of their e-commerce product pages. Get ready to get dirty.

What you will learn from this customer story:

  • Fantic Motor need to pimp the e-commerce product pages
  • How Fantic Motor leveraged AR to showcase their motorcycles
  • The outstanding results of Fantic Motor campaign
  • Enhancing e-commerce performance with Product Visualization

The goal of Fantic Motor

Fantic Motor faced the challenge of finding a way to differentiate its customer experience and bring more potential clients into stores. In conjunction with the launch of their new Enduro and Motocross 2023 ranges, the brand decided to integrate Augmented Reality as a tool to provide a new level of product exploration directly on their website.

The goal was to integrate AR into their marketing strategy to create and share product visualization campaigns in WebAR, in order to provide an immersive and interactive experience for its customers and ultimately driving up sales.

What Aryel did to reach it

To achieve this goal, Fantic Motor teamed up with Aryel, and through our platform they create several Augmented Reality experiences and integrated them into their product pages. On each product page, a “Discover it in Augmented Reality” button allows users to view the product in the surrounding environment, directly on their smartphone screen. 

With just a pinch users can drag and drop the chosen model directly via the smartphone’s camera, and with the same easiness to resize, rotate and visualize any detail they want to explore.

As a result of this integration, Fantic Motor was able to perfectly blend the digital product visualization of Augmented Reality within its physical product ecosystem, providing customers with a new level of access and interaction with the brand’s products.

The outcome of the campaign was an undeniable success: with an average of over 3000 visualizations each day and more than 90 seconds of average duration of each experience, Fantic Motor is now able to provide customers a new level of access and interaction, allowing users to fully explore what their products have to offer and, ultimately, driving more potential customers into stores.

Have a look at the Fantic’s AR experience here.

Enhancing e-commerce performance with AR

AR technology provided Fantic Motor a new level of access and interaction, allowing everyone to explore what their products had to offer, without the need to go to the store. 

Product Visualization is not intended to replace the excitement of experiencing the physical product in-store, but rather to enhance it by providing customers a better understanding of the product offering a high quality representation of it, while removing any obstacle to the purchase and also reducing return rates.

With Aryel Web AR technology, you can increase the performance of e-commerce product pages by allowing customers to virtually try on jewels, visualize furniture in their home, and preview cosmetic products on their skin.

Need to level up your AR game? Try Aryel AR Academy: the place to-go if you want to take the first step in the exciting Augmented Reality world.