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On the podium: Reale Mutua’s lead gen strategy triumph with +3500 leads and 87% engagement rate

Discover how Reale Mutua broke away from the pack in the insurance industry's monotonous lead gen race, with an innovative mix of personality-based quizzes, precise remarketing campaigns, and immersive AR experiences.


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Advertising insurance policies can feel like running a marathon on a hilly track, while everyone else enjoys a breezy sprint on flat ground. It’s no secret that marketing life insurance is no walk in the park.

Instead of running the same old route, Reale Mutua decided to step off the beaten track and explore the thrilling world of Augmented Reality to enhance their customer experience.

Why take such risks, you ask?
Because gone is the age of flat, monotonous lead-generation strategies.
Overstuffed inboxes and ad overload make customers tiresome as a 10-mile uphill hike.
To turn passive viewers into active participants, it was time for Reale Mutua to break away from the pack and to sprint into the uncharted territory of marketing innovation.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • The challenge: overcome insurance’s traditional lead gen scenario
  • Setting the pace: Reale Mutua’s bold bid to energize its marketing
  • Going the extra mile: the results of Reale Mutua’s innovative campaign
  • Fast track to success: how Augmented Reality reshapes lead generation efforts

Here’s Reale Mutua‘s goal

Reale Mutua was on a mission to generate quality leads through an innovative and engaging initiative – something more than just the old-school “leave your email to claim your reward” campaign.

Reale Mutua wanted to ignite interest and interaction with their latest insurance policies, while collecting qualified leads: the goal was to accomplish this via an unconventional marketing campaign that sprinted past traditional tactics, leaving both users and competitors marveling at its innovative approach.

What Aryel did to reach it

On the occasion of Deejay Ten, an itinerant running event organized by Radio Deejay, Reale Mutua launched “Your Next Level,” an entertaining, personality-based quiz designed to engage customers and gather data on their sporting lifestyle, realized with the Aryel platform.

Participants of the marathon could access the quiz using QR codes scattered all around the events, and to be sure to intercept even the laziest people out there they distributed it also via newsletter and social media.

But the fun didn’t stop there.
In collaboration with Aryel, Reale Mutua created an AR landing page for the launch of its new insurance product – “Realmente protetti DaybyDay.”
By intertwining the users’ responses to the quiz, Reale Mutua was able to present them with a page that detailed the benefits of insurance policies associated with their identified user personas.

But the AR landing page wasn’t supposed to work as a plain information hub: users could learn about various aspects of the policy, including hospital per diem coverage, policy advantages, home assistance, medical expense reimbursement, and much more. The page was then complete with a call-to-action that made it easy for interested users to request a quote on Reale Mutua’s website.

Here you can take a look at Reale Mutua’s AR Landing Page.

Snapshot of Reale Mutua's experience

Aryel’s innovative approach ensured that Reale Mutua could target specifically those who participated in the quiz. By merging creativity and data, Aryel laid the path for a successful remarketing campaign, giving the insurance brand a chance to further engage with potential leads in an innovative and engaging way.

The response was outstanding. So far, the “Your Next Level” quiz and the AR landing page have gathered over 3500 leads. And with two more upcoming Deejay Ten events in Milan and Naples, Reale Mutua can expect even more potential customers joining their race towards better insurance protection.
Beyond the significant number of leads, the initiative has seen a staggering engagement rate. Almost 87% of users engaged during the quiz, with an average experience time of 2.36 minutes – a marathoner’s endurance in the context of digital engagement.

Aryel and Reale Mutua, together, have shown that the race is on to transform the insurance industry’s approach to marketing, making strides in a sector often stuck at the starting line.

Fast track to success: Augmented Reality for Lead Generation

To cross the finish line in the high-stakes race for lead generation, businesses today face a marathon of challenges. Traditional lead generation methods, while reliable, are becoming as dated as running in worn-out sneakers. The world is moving fast, customer expectations are evolving, and in this ever-changing landscape, staying ahead requires more than just keeping pace. It requires rethinking the way we engage, capture attention, and most importantly, convert that attention into meaningful action.

This is particularly true across different industries, but especially so in sectors such as insurance, where traditional marketing strategies often lag behind. The challenge here is not just to generate leads, but to create a connection, resonate, and keep the conversation flowing – from initial engagement to closing the deal.

Reale Mutua, with Aryel, provides a sterling example of this innovative approach. Combining a personality-based quiz for initial user profiling, targeted remarketing campaigns, and tailored content, they’ve created a compelling and engaging user journey.

Users are not just engaged – they’re part of an interactive story, an experience that aligns with their interests and needs.
Not only did this technique provide valuable profiling data, but it also opened the door to efficient retargeting efforts.

Augmented Reality is a type of rich media that naturally enables this kind of marketing campaigns, enhancing the customer journey while offering an interactive and immersive experience. AR experiences also offer brands and companies loads of valuable zero-party data that can be used not only for retargeting purposes, but also to harmonize future marketing efforts.

So, the next time you’re looking to market something less alluring than a chocolate sundae, remember this Reale Mutua success story. After all, if AR can make insurance fun, it can make anything fun.

Is your lead generation strategy keeping you stuck in the starter blocks? Get off the mark faster with Augmented Reality. Book a demo now with our sales team to find out how you can sprint towards your next marketing success.