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 Salone del Mobile reveals key exhibits to design enthusiasts with Augmented Reality

Salone del Mobile, with the help of Aryel, crafts an unforgettable Design Week journey, with Augmented Reality experiences that intrigue attendees and provide deeper insights into featured exhibits.




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In the wide range of events that surround a metropolis like Milan, how did Salone del Mobile carve out a distinctive communication strategy to engage audiences and arouse interest?

Salone del Mobile, the world’s leading design and furnishing event, faced a unique challenge: to embrace an original communication approach and spark curiosity about the upcoming event. Beyond its internationally established reputation for prestigious exhibitions, Salone del Mobile wanted to create a special atmosphere around the 2024 edition and grab attention. Teaming up with Aryel, Salone del Mobile embarked on a mission to transform its digital presence. The goal was clear: to leverage on the allure of design excellence and creative innovation seen in previous editions, using innovative storytelling techniques to engage audiences and build anticipation for the event.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Salone del Mobile’s goal: to captivate audiences and ignite curiosity for its upcoming edition
  • Breaking boundaries: Salone del Mobile’s commitment to reshaping design communication
  • From concept to execution: how Aryel brought unprecedented levels of creativity to event promotion
  • Design-driven engagement: the impact of AR-enhanced storytelling in reshaping audience event perception

Here’s Salone del Mobile’s goal

Salone del Mobile’s aim was to find an appealing and unconventional way to communicate key exhibits and unique features of Design Week, in order to engage the audience with truly original means. 

Another goal was to drive ticket sales by offering an enticing glimpse into the event’s offerings and experiences. The focus was on leveraging technologically advanced methods to attract and involve the younger generations, setting the stage for the 2024 edition with interactive and immersive experiences designed to resonate with contemporary visitors.

What Aryel did to reach it

Aryel revisited the classic Memory game in an innovative key, transforming it into an immersive augmented reality experience inspired by the essence of Salone del Mobile. Each correct card match unlocked a short tip about the event, sparking curiosity about the multiple installations and stimulating the desire to join in. Once the game was completed, users were guided to booking tickets for the event. This strategic approach, combined with distribution in Display Advertising, effectively generated buzz around Fuorisalone and encouraged active participation.

The game’s final call-to-action, encouraging users to buy a ticket, achieved an impressive Click-Through Rate of 44 %, pointing out a strong likelihood to learn more about the event and consider actual attendance.

Moreover, Aryel developed an innovative augmented reality filter, perfectly in line with the claim and key visuals of the 2024 edition. Available on WebAR and Meta platforms, this filter expanded Salone del Mobile immersive experiences’ reach and impact.

Here you can have a look at the Memory Game and the AR filter. 

KPI analysis revealed a very positive result: users spent an average of 41 seconds interacting with Aryel’s AR Memory Game ad, highlighting significant user engagement. The AR activation rate exceeded 40% expectations, underscoring the effectiveness of Aryel’s approach in driving engagement beyond industry benchmarks.

Moreover, the AR Filter, which enabled social media sharing, achieved a 13% sharing rate, showing that a significant fraction of users found the experience engaging enough to share it with others.

Design-driven engagement: the impact of AR-enhanced storytelling in reshaping audience event perception

Given the variety of events we are constantly surrounded by, it is important to make an event truly distinctive with innovative methods that grab attention from an increasingly elusive audience. Augmented reality (AR) emerges as a game-changer in this regard, offering a myriad of benefits that redefines participants’ experiences.

AR games can be a strategic tool before the event, offering immersive and interactive experiences that captivate users and drive anticipation. These engaging pre-event activities not only entertain but also encourage ticket reservations, setting the stage for active participation and fostering a sense of excitement before attendees even step foot into the event venue.

During the event itself, AR experiences take participant engagement to new levels: whether waiting for assistance at booths or between sessions, attendees can seamlessly interact with AR content, enriching their event experience and deepening their connection to the event’s themes and offerings.

Post-event, AR maintains momentum and sustains awareness by keeping people engaged and connected even after the event is finished. By leveraging AR quizzes, organizers can gather valuable data for targeted post-event communications, in order to tailor messaging and follow-up interactions to attendees’ interests and preferences. 

Additionally, AR filters provide a fun and interactive way for the public to share their event experiences on social media, amplifying event resonance and extending its reach to a wider audience.

But AR is not only a valuable tool for participants, it can also be a powerful ally for sales people attending trade fairs: Product visualization allows exhibitors to showcase their products in stunning detail, without the logistical constraints of physical transport. This not only enhances logistics but also effectively communicates brand messages and offerings in a memorable and impactful way.

In conclusion, embracing AR-enhanced storytelling is essential for event organizers seeking to distinguish their events and deliver unparalleled attendee experiences. By harnessing the power of AR, organizers can create immersive, engaging, and memorable events that leave a lasting impression, driving greater attendance, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.