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0 shipping costs, 100% immersive experience: Sentinel Diagnostics enhance lead gen at tradeshows with AR

Learn how Sentinel Diagnostic removed costs and risks of transporting heavy machinery with the help of the Aryel platform.


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Heaving machinery overseas can be quite a weighty matter.
The difficulties of transporting bulky machines overseas are well known: high costs, risks of damage and the time it takes to set up can load up some concerns.

But with the help of Aryel’s AR technology, Sentinel Diagnostics was able to showcase their products in a virtual and cost-effective way, without having to worry about the heavy lifting.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Sentinel Diagnostics need’s to lighten up some loads (and costs)
  • How to enhance product demonstrations at exhibitions thanks to AR Technologies
  • The impressive results of Sentinel Diagnostics AR campaign
  • Product Visualization: the AR-mageddon of boring trade shows

Here’s Sentinel Diagnostics‘s goal

Moving bulky machinery abroad for fairs and events can be costly and risky. Sentinel Diagnostics, the first IVD manufacturer in Italy, was looking for a solution to this problem.

The solution? Convey engaging AR experiences to showcase their products at fairs and events worldwide without the costs and risks connected to the shipping of their equipment.

What Aryel did to reach it

To achieve this goal, Sentinel Diagnostics decided to use Augmented Reality experiences during their events. Thanks to Aryel’s AR technology, Sentinel Diagnostics was able to provide visitors with an Augmented Product Visualization of their product range using just a tablet and a QR code. This enabled them to showcase their machinery with 3D models and offer engaging, immersive commercial demos while also reducing any costs and risks shipping-related.

As a result, Sentinel Diagnostics was able to increase attractiveness and conversions at international events: with an average time spent by a single user of above 2 minutes, with the most users that would reiterate the experience to see different products and their features, they were able to collect 4 times more leads than previous exhibitions.

Shipping bulky machinery can be quite the heavy load, but with the help of AR, Sentinel Diagnostics was able to lighten it up and to minimize the risks. Thanks to Augmented Reality technology, they were able to showcase their products in a whole new light, making a huge impact at events and fairs worldwide.

Product Visualization: the AR-mageddon of boring trade shows

Trade shows are a crucial platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, but with so many exhibitors, sometimes it can be hard to stand out. Augmented Reality provides an interactive and engaging way for businesses to showcase their products, while increasing the attractiveness of the stand to visitors and potential leads.

Traditional product demonstrations can be expensive, especially if the products are too large or heavy to transport to the trade show: AR eliminates the need for shipping and handling costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses. By incorporating AR experiences into their sales process, brands can add the wow-effect to their product range, offering immersive product demonstration to visitors and increasing conversions.

With its ability to convey captivating experiences, Augmented Reality offers businesses a competitive advantage in their trade fair experience, that ultimately drive foot traffic and sales.

Are you tired of having a business card that never seems to make the cut at trade fairs? Upgrade your business card game and make a lasting impression with augmented reality.