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Fantic differentiates the customer experience with Aryel’s Augmented Reality

September 16, 2022

Fantic Cover

In conjunction with the launch of their new Enduro and Motocross 2023 ranges, Fantic Motor decided to integrate Augmented Reality into their marketing strategy as a tool to provide a new level of product exploration directly on their website.

The company chose Aryel’s platform to create and share product visualization campaigns in WebAR with its flagship products. The goal is to differentiate the customer experience and bring more potential clients into stores. 

The experiences in WebAR have been integrated into the brand’s website. Moreover, on each product page, there is a “Discover it in augmented reality” button that allows users to view the product in the surrounding environment directly on the smartphone screen to engage users in the early stages of discovery and brand awareness and bring both new generations and historical fans closer to the brand.

Fantic moto product visualization

In fact, the project involves using AR across multiple channels at different stages of the funnel and at different times of the year, with an omnichannel and Always-On AR approach. As Davide Bettinelli, Project & Partnership Manager at Aryel who oversaw the project, explains, “Fantic, in this case, has succeeded perfectly in integrating the digital product visualization of augmented reality within an ecosystem still strongly tied to the physical product, such as the motorcycle one.”

He continues, “AR is not intended to replace the excitement of being able to touch the physical product in store, but rather strives to provide a new level of access and interaction, allowing everyone to explore what these products can offer.”