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Aryel enters the luxury market and integrates AR into Nodus Rug’s marketing mix

January 19, 2021

Aryel​ begins 2021 by entering a niche market and bringing AR to Nodus Rug​. This Italian luxury rug brand boasts collaborations with some of the best names in Italian design and beyond.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, Nodus Rug ​will bring tangible innovation to its customers​, who can now place a rug in the space around them, and decide which one is the most suitable before buying it.

Aryel enters the luxury market and integrates AR into Nodus Rug’s marketing mix

“Launching this project with Nodus Rug means having the opportunity to enter a market that is niche, but also in great growth,” explains Mattia Salvi, CEO of Aryel. “Aryel is a powerful marketing platform, perfect for ​bringing new potential customers to the brand and encourage generational turnover​, making Nodus Rug’s product engaging and interactive.

“The choice of an AR marketing platform like Aryel lies in the fact that ​it allows us to launch marketing campaigns with extreme agility and total autonomy​,” said Andrea Galimberti, CEO of Nodus Rug. “We can leverage our internal expertise without investing in technical figures or consulting approaches that would require unaffordable budgets. Aryel’s agile cut instead allowed us to bring AR innovation by ​enhancing our internal figures​, thanks also to the support of the Aryel team in the early stages of the project.

In addition to creating highly interactive experiences, Aryel will be a ​powerful driver to bring new buyer personas ​into the orbit of Nodus Rug, combining rug art and designers’ vision with the most innovative AR marketing ever.