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Aryel, the Augmented Reality startup (yes, us), has raised 3.7 million Euros in its seed funding round

February 13, 2023

Aryel, the augmented reality startup (yes, us), has raised 3.7 million Euros in its seed funding round

After raising 700,000 Euros in 2022, Aryel, the Augmented Reality startup that provides a No-Code SaaS solution to enhance brands and agencies’ marketing mix, has announced the closure of its seed round with a further financing of 3M Euros.

The seed round was led by PranaVentures, an operational venture capital specialized in investments in the seed and post phase, followed by many top-notch business angels.

This funding round aims to bring the company to over 10M Euros in revenue within the next 24 months and to become the reference no-code solution for marketers and creators in Augmented Reality marketing. This capital injection will also help us accelerate the opening of new physical offices in reference markets, as well as to introduce additional product features.

Aryel’s vision and horizons: more starships and a brand-new smart feature

2022 was a big year for us: Aryel soared to new heights with a skyrocketing growth of 300% YoY and a constellation of over 50 thousand users, with 70% of them coming from distant star systems like Asia, Canada and Northern Europe. The platform has attracted some stellar brands and agencies, such as Alpitour, Cisco, Conad, Ferrero, Kornit Digital, McCann, Plenitude and VMLY&R.

And that is why, in 2023, the plan is to capitalize each of these experiences to improve our vision of the product and of the market fit.
We realized that for most use cases, they were traceable to 4 main use pillars: e-Commerce, Offline, CRM, Advertising. So we started to wonder: how can we improve our products, verticalizing every template and use case, while keeping the platform use easy and straightforward?

That took some time exploring, trying and fine-tuning solutions: the results of this work is a new approach in creating outstanding AR experiences, to expand even more the marketing horizons of brands and agencies, with even more ease of use.

We are proud to announce that soon new starships will join our fleet: the journey to expand our reach in space headed us to the UK! We can already see the Union Jack wave on the ship 🤩

There’s another big news: we are working on a secret ingredient that’s going to make your experience with our product even better. It’s smarter than your average bear, can multitask like a boss, and knows everything about AR marketing. But, shh! It’s a secret for now. Just know that your interactions with our product will never be the same. Imagine it like having a personal genie, but with circuits and code inside.

And now some words from our CEO

“Our platform responds to concrete needs that those involved in marketing face every day: the goal is to attract and measure the attention of consumers by creating experiences that stand out in the information overload that surrounds us. There are multiple use cases that range from e-commerce, to advertising, up to lead generation and nurturing with the main CRMs” explains Mattia Salvi, Aryel’s CEO.

“I am proud of the outstanding results we have achieved: it’s due to the hard work and collaboration of every member of our team.
I want to recognize and thank each and everyone of Aryel team for their contributions, creativity, perseverance, and passion.”