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Aryel’s Ad creative solutions for digital holidays are now available

October 20, 2023

Digital Holidays

As the festive air starts to fill our surroundings, the digital marketplace is no different, gearing up for the busiest quarter of the year. Amidst this digital frenzy, Aryel emerges as the lighthouse for brands, bringing forward unique Ad Creative Solutions tailored for the holiday vibes.

A new spin to Black Friday & Cyber Monday

These shopping days are landmarks on the retail calendar. With Aryel’s 3D/AR product ads, the display advertising game is revolutionized. Think about it: not just viewing products, but immersing oneself in 3D and AR explorations right within the ads! The numbers back up the appeal, with these ads boasting a 2.7% click-through rate – quite the leap from the average 0.4%. And Aryel doesn’t stop there. With the introduction of virtual showroom display ads, brands can now transport consumers to a futuristic shopping realm. The results? A significant 17% boost in cart additions. Plus, Aryel’s interactive quizzes provide dual benefits – enhancing user engagement and mining precise zero-party data on user preferences. Here’s a fun fact: while average survey completion rates hover around 18%, Aryel proudly flaunts an 89% rate!

Halloween & Christmas: more than just festivities

When it comes to Halloween and Christmas, Aryel’s toolset marries festive glee with smart brand positioning. Their AR Games and Quizzes, customized for these occasions, offer more than just engagement. They become a gateway for brands to access deep insights, from users’ emotional reactions to their interactions with products. It’s a beautiful blend of festivity and strategy. Further enriching the brand-consumer interaction are Aryel’s Camera Effects & AR Filter ads. It transforms the usual passive ad watching into an active, unforgettable journey.

Final thoughts

To truly shine in today’s digital advertising space, it’s vital to both charm and enlighten. And with Aryel’s tailored solutions for the Digital Holidays, brands can effortlessly traverse this path. This season, ensure your brand stands out not just in the market but also resonates in the hearts and memories of your audience.