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Why you should consider Augmented Reality interactive packaging?

January 2, 2023

Interactive Packaging? Why you should consider Augmented Reality.

What if your packaging was not only a case, but also an interactive and immersive content?
With augmented reality, it gets really accessible and cost-effective to realize interactive packaging for your products.

Rethink the purpose of packaging by making it more than just a case.
Make it a marketing tool.

Here are some of the results you can achieve:

  • major boost in your customer advocacy by harnessing the power of immersive AR storytelling
  • ton of new behavior data from your consumers
  • Mastering gamification strategies to gain customer insights, and stimulate multiple purchases
  • Lead customers through onboarding and instruction in AR.

The applications are endless, and in this article we do a deep dive.

Benefits of Interactive Packaging

Here some of the benefits of Augmented Reality applied to packaging:

  • Augmented reality for packaging can increase by 3x times the amount of time customers spend interacting with your product or brand. (dwell time)
  • In a study conducted by Google, 78% of people said they want more information than what appears on a product’s packaging, and 72% said they want to be able to see the product in use before they make a purchase.
    Overall, it seems that many people are interested in learning more about the products they purchase, and Augmented Reality can provide a way for businesses to provide this additional information.
  • Using AR in your on-pack campaigns can increase your sales by up to 15% through a combination of product education and revenue driving activities such as promotions, competitions and customer loyalty strategies.
  • Additionally, implementing AR can position your brand as innovative, which can attract more customers and potentially increase sales.

Unparalleled customer insights

Augmented reality for packaging can provide businesses with unparalleled insights into their customers and their behavior. By incorporating AR into their packaging, brands can gain valuable information about how customers are interacting with their products and what they are interested in.

For example, brands can track how long customers spend interacting with AR content on their packaging, as well as where and when they are interacting with it. This can provide valuable information about customer behavior and can help businesses to tailor their marketing efforts and improve their products.

Additionally, they can also use Augmented Reality for packaging to gather feedback from customers. By providing a way for customers to interact with and provide feedback on their products, businesses can gain precious intelligence about customers’ likes and dislikes, about their products, as well as what they would like to see in the future.

A fit for every industry

From Food & Beverage to Fashion and Beauty, all the way to Healthcare, AR can be the perfect solution for different industries and packaging needs.

Any packaging, such as cans, cardboard boxes, or bags, can be enriched with compelling AR content and a wide range of different experiences, such as virtual try-on (very interesting for jewelry and beauty products), 3D product visualization, mini-games, contests, and much more.

The potential of interactive packaging is not to be underestimated, and it’s not only about marketing. Thanks to AR, you can easily redirect customers to your website, enhance customer satisfaction strategies, provide safety information or even put customers in touch with customer service in a smoother way.

Aryel & Augmented Reality for Web

Thanks to the templates available within our platform, making an interactive packaging becomes very smooth, straightforward and speedy. Reprints will not be needed. No App downloads will be required, neither for you nor for your customers, and you won’t need to have in-house coding skills. Pretty easy, huh?

If you want some inspiration, here you can find out how we revolutionized the packaging of an Italian large-scale distributed brand

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