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How Mielizia enhances their product packaging, reaching 2.5m avg dwell time

Here's how Mielizia revamped their product packaging through Augmented Reality, with Aryel, reaching 2.5 avg dwell time on the content.


Avg Dwell Time

Spent on augmented reality


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Generated by each user


Memory Recall

Versus traditional contents

From our ancestors to today, stories are definitely something we’re crazy about. We just love them.

What if your product packaging could tell a story to your customers?

Here’s how our client Mielizia, an Italian honey brand, shared an innovative AR campaign on their jars with Aryel, and used this technology to place a storytelling touchpoint in their Customer Experience. All this in order to create a sweet bond.

What you will learn from this customer story:

  • Mielizia’s need to find a new honey-mouthed way to talk to its customers
  • How Melizia educate kids about honey, in a friendly and immersive way
  • The results of the Melizia marketing campaign
  • The impact of Augmented Reality on packaging

Here’s Mielizia‘s goal

Mielizia was looking for a way to revamp its packaging and deliver exclusive content that could engage the customers and increase brand advocacy. To do this, the brand teamed up with Aryel to launch an innovative marketing strategy that would use packaging as a medium to deliver content.

The goal of the campaign was to create an immersive edutainment experience to engage with customers and their kids, where they could get information about the products, its origin and benefits, in a way that could boost brand loyalty and retention.

What Aryel did to reach it

When users scanned the packaging, they will interact with the Mielizia 3D mascot bee that will take flight on the screen, while the immersive storytelling experience of the brand will begin. From there, through a simple and intuitive menu, users can access engaging multimedia and interactive content, discover the history of the products through motion graphic videos, learn valuable insights into the varieties of honey supported by colorful infographics and following the path of the honey (from the jar to the hive) by simply entering the lot of code. 

A significant step towards a unique and engaging shopping experience, to offer an immersive approach to content on supply chain, beekeepers, honey, but also curiosities about the world of bees.

The campaign results were impressive, with users spending an average of 2.5 minutes on the experience and viewing it an outstanding average of 17 times. Through this innovative project, Mielizia was able to revamp its packaging and offer an engaging and immersive experience during pre- and post-sales. This helped the brand create a bond with its customers, increase brand advocacy and stand out from the competition.

Have a look at the Mielizia’s experience here.

The impact of WebAR on packaging

AR technology lets brands say goodbye to boring packages, unleashing creativity and really changing the way consumers interact with them, offering endless possibilities for innovation.

AR-enabled packaging can help with product authentication, reducing counterfeit products and ensuring customer safety. Additionally, AR technology can be used to improve the supply chain process, enabling manufacturers to track the quality and safety of their products.

A study conducted by Research and Markets showed that over 35% of consumer goods companies are planning to implement Augmented Reality in their packaging by 2025. Seems like AR’s here to stay: so what are your plans?

If truth bee told, packaging isn’t the only medium that can get enhanced by Augmented Reality. Want to know how to bring your catalog to life with AR technology? Find out how on Aryel blog.