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Unveiling “Ads Manager”: Pioneering the Next Frontier in Display Advertising Globally

September 26, 2023

Aryel Ads Manager

Despite the steady rise in display ad spending in Europe, outpacing numerous other channels, the industry continually strives for innovation. While Rich Media was introduced as an answer to the static creative’s limitations, Aryel’s Ads Manager is taking a quantum leap forward.

Drawing parallels to Renaissance artists, who introduced perspective to transcend the 2D constraints, Aryel is employing Augmented Reality (AR) to redefine the very ethos of traditional Display Advertising. “No longer is the audience a mere spectator. They’re now participants, captivated and immersed in a narrative uniquely tailored for them,” comments Mattia Salvi, CEO of Aryel.

But there’s more to this narrative than meets the eye. Aryel adopts a media-agnostic approach for distribution, thus allowing the relevant Ad Tags of the creatives to be exported and then manage the buying independently both in reservations through realities such as Teads, Locala and RCS Cairo Media, and in programmatic on major DSPs such as Google Display&Video 360 and Adform. The first Immersive Rich Media campaigns deployed, for the likes of Prada, Valentino, Tods, and Inter, showed a significant increase in performance over traditional advertising formats, with an average interaction rate of 20 percent, average time spent on ad experiences exceeding 30 seconds, and a 25-fold increase in click-through rates.

The Fashion industry was among the first to exploit the potential of these creatives, but now many clients in FMCG, Food, Finance, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare are also beginning to implement this format within their media planning.

Aryel Ads Manager

Elevating user experience to new heights: the power of in banner AR Display ads

The game-changer? These captivating experiences come to life directly within the banner ads, avoiding traditional external clicks.

This means users no longer need to navigate away, ensuring publishers retain their precious traffic while capitalizing on experiential ads that captivate audiences. For advertisers, this translates to near-zero-click Ad experiences, streamlining user journeys and enhancing engagement.

“We’re talking about next-level Ad Creative Solutions,” says Mattia Salvi. “Imagine the allure of Virtual Try-Ons, the tangibility of 3D Product Visualizations, and the sheer fun of AR Game & Quiz ads – all within the banner itself. It’s a win-win, for both publishers and advertisers.”

In an age where consumer touch points hold paramount significance, Aryel’s Ads Manager is more than just a tool. It’s the future of Display Advertising, today.

Augmented analytics and insights: understanding users at levels never seen before.

Ever asked yourself, “How is my audience emotionally impacted by my ad?” – Aryel’s Augmented Analytics hold the answer, providing the opportunity to bridge the gap between emotion-driven qualitative insights and hard quantitative data.

With Ads Manager, Aryel elevates user behavior analysis to new levels of precision and detail. With advanced analytics tools, advertisers can access unique data such as facial characteristics, emotional responses, time on ad, and detailed product heat maps. This information, always collected in full compliance with privacy regulations and with total transparency to the user, provides valuable insights for creating targeted and engaging campaigns. Aryel not only takes advertising to a new level of immersion but also ensures intelligent, user-centric data collection.

Move to the next level of Display Ads

In summary, Aryel’s new Ads Manager represents a significant advancement in the field of display advertising. Its capabilities are set to transform how brands reach and captivate their audiences in a profoundly interactive way.

Now, let’s address some frequently raised questions:

  • Purpose of Aryel Ad Creatives: Aryel’s Ad Creative Solutions aren’t limited to branding. They are designed for various advertising goals and can be integrated throughout the entire customer journey, offering a comprehensive media strategy.
  • Integration and Trafficking: Aryel’s creatives use industry-standard ad tags, ensuring straightforward integration. Additionally, Aryel is recognized and registered with prominent DSPs, Ad Network and Media platform, streamlining the media-buyng.
  • Ad Creation Assistance: Aryel offers support from the initial ideation phase right up to the execution, ensuring brands get the best possible results. Find out more about Aryel Creative services.
  • Sustainability in Advertising: A key feature of Aryel’s approach is the ability to reuse ad content. This promotes a sustainable advertising model where brands can continually repurpose and utilize content across different touch points, and it does so via its Marketing Suite.
  • Compatibility: Whether you belong to a media entity, a creative agency, or the e-commerce industry, Aryel has solutions designed to meet diverse advertising requirements.
  • Data and Compliance: Aryel places a high emphasis on data, offering detailed interaction analytics. Moreover, the platform remains fully compliant with GDPR regulations and is ISO 27001 certified.

In conclusion, Aryel’s new Ads Manager is a step towards modernizing the advertising landscape, merging innovative technology with the industry’s demands. The introduction of this platform signals an opportunity for brands to explore new ways of engagement and interaction.

Join us in shaping the future of display advertising.