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Artrust captivate +10,000 WebAR views on street art exhibition catalog

Explore the fusion of paint and pixels that transformed the Artrust's exhibition catalointo a masterpiece, thanks to Aryel's WebAR.


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Picture this: a stunning art exhibition, but the paintings are just…well, hanging there. No movement, no interaction. A bit boring, right?

That’s exactly what Artrust wanted to avoid with their Maroggia Triennial Exhibition, a street art showcase. They wanted to create an immersive experience for their visitors and potential buyers, and wondered how they could make the paintings come to life.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Painting a vision: Artrust’s ambition for an interactive exhibition
  • A glimpse behind the canvas: how Aryel brought art to fife
  • The art gallery experience makeover, thanks to AR
  • Augmented Reality: a new canvas for the art of the future

Here’s Artrust‘s goal

Artrust needed a way to create immersive experiences that showcase art in a captivating way, reinventing the traditional art gallery experience.

They also wanted to create a new frame for their catalog and collection, offering visitors and potential buyers a way to virtually interact with paintings.

What Aryel did to reach it

Aryel enabled Artrust to create engaging WebAR experiences that reshaped their artworks into interactive masterpieces, transforming art thanks to Augmented Reality.

Visitors could simply scan the catalog or the paintings with their smartphones and watch the art animates before their eyes. They could interact with the artwork, seeing it from different angles and getting a closer look at every detail.

Thanks to Aryel, Artrust was able to showcase their artworks in an exciting and innovative way, providing visitors with a truly immersive experience. The artists and curators were thrilled with the results, and potential buyers could see the artwork in a completely new light.

The Maroggia Triennial Exhibition was a huge success: through the Aryel platform, Artrust empowered visitors to explore and engage with street art in ways they hadn’t previously thought possible. This innovative approach to art exhibitions improved the viewing experience and generated over 10,000 views on the WebAR experiences triggered from the exhibition catalog.

Augmented Reality: a new canvas for the art of the future

In a world where art enthusiasts are constantly seeking the next masterpiece for their collection, galleries face the daunting task of making their works stand out in a sea of beautiful creations. The key to capturing the hearts (and wallets) of discerning art lovers lies in crafting an unforgettable, stroke-of-genius shopping experience, designed to leave an indelible mark on their memories.

After all, when it comes to selling masterpieces, it’s not just about the art on the walls – it’s about painting a vivid, captivating story that art aficionados simply can’t resist. The integration of Augmented Reality technology into the art industry has opened up a world of possibilities beyond traditional exhibitions, giving artists, curators and enthusiasts new ways to share and interact with artworks.

One such example of AR integration in the art industry is the Onstream Gallery WebAR experience. To learn more about how the Onstream Gallery has transformed their product pages and boosted conversions using AR, dive into their fascinating customer success story.