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Logo Mezzaluna by Callari

Callari offers a sharp look at their new collection through an eye-catching AR product launch

By fusing social engagement and a bold advertising approach, Aryel helped Mezzaluna to create an immersive product launch that turned their eyewear into an interactive digital experience.


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In the eyewear market, standing out from the crowd can mean seeing things in a new light.
For Callari, an Italian luxury eyewear brand, traditional advertising simply didn’t have the visual impact to highlight their latest collection, Mezzaluna.

To bring their product to life, they envisioned a multi-dimensional reveal that would blur the line between physical and digital, allowing customers to virtually try on Mezzaluna frames and experience Callari’s visionary style up close.

What will you learn from this customer story?

  • Framing the future: Callari’s need for a breakthrough product launch
  • Visualize the possibilities: Callari’s goal for a multi-channel marketing campaign
  • How Aryel turned Callari’s vision into success through the AR lens
  • Redefining product launches: bringing your product vision into focus

Here’s Callari‘s goal

Callari’s goal was to create an immersive, interactive launch for their new eyewear collection that would highlight their innovative designs. They wanted to go beyond static product images and allow customers to experience their frames firsthand.

They wanted to combine organic social buzz from influencers with targeted advertising to attract their ideal luxury consumers. This required a multi-dimensional campaign to bring their product launch vision to life.

What Aryel did to reach it

Leveraging Aryel’s groundbreaking no-code AR platform, Callari embarked on a multi-dimensional product launch to turn their eyewear into an immersive digital experience.

First, Aryel created 3D models of the Mezzaluna eyewear from product photos. In this phase, a 3D rendered asset is created for each color variation.

Next, our Creative Studio realized the AR filter for Instagram using Spark AR technology (we are AR creative production Meta partners, after all).
This allowed influencers to generate social buzz around Mezzaluna’s new eyewear collection using a branded Virtual Try-On filter, modeling the frames for their followers.

Users could then experience the AR filter for themselves, visually testing Mezzaluna’s designs with their own facial dimensions and features.

AR filters and 3D Product Visualization made for Mezzaluna

Here you can take a look at Mezzaluna’s AR experience.

Aryel provided Mezzaluna with an innovative product launch that went beyond static images, transforming Mezzaluna’s product into an interactive digital experience that brought their cutting-edge designs to life.

Callari’s success highlights how AR is empowering brands to reimagine product launches and engage customers in imaginative new ways. With Aryel, Callari was able to efficiently scale and repurpose their 3D eyewear models from social media to their own website.

Redefining product launches: bringing your product vision into focus

3D digital assets, typically expensive and used primarily for one-off projects, are sometimes turned down because of their creation costs. With Aryel’s suite, marketers can optimize and repurpose 3D/AR creative models to drive cohesive and unified multi-channel initiatives, ensuring campaign ROI.

Callari benefited from the opportunity to create a consistent visual language across multiple touchpoints, strengthening branding and recognition. But Aryel doesn’t stop there, empowering brands to repurpose these 3D/AR assets for interactive Display advertising.

Callari could leverage their eyewear models to create Immersive Rich Media ads with Product Visualization and Virtual Try-On functionality, enabling customers to digitally engage with products before seamlessly clicking through to the brand’s website.
Thanks to Aryel, brands can develop and efficiently distribute immersive assets through both organic and display advertising, enabling the social extension of marketing campaigns.

Finally, Aryel offers its Augmented Analytics to enable brands to leverage a wealth of first-party data from campaigns. This is especially relevant in a post-cookie advertising scenario: through Aryel, brands can gather valuable data about consumers’ gender, hair, and facial features to inform future product development and campaigns.

For brands looking to engage customers in new ways, AR puts the product experience front and center. And with Aryel’s solution, any brand can develop a clear vision and bring immersive digital marketing within reach.

Looking ahead to your next product launch? Want to bring your designs to life for your customers? Aryel can make it happen, allowing you to engage customers in new ways, where they are. Book a call with our sales team to see the future of marketing for yourself.