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A scooping success: Casa Optima stirs up the gelato world at Sigep 2024

Casa Optima, a leading Italian B2B FMCG company, partnered with Aryel to renew its marketing appeal with a set of AR filters presented at SIGEP, the International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Pastry and Bakery.


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How can a brand with a decades-long legacy stay at the forefront of innovation while respecting its heritage? Casa Optima, an Italian group of B2B gelato and pastries manufacturers, faced this challenge head-on.

For their participation at 2024 Sigep international trade show, they decided to turn to Aryel to create an Augmented Reality experience to engage and connect with visitors. This bold move allowed them to create a captivating experience that highlighted their values and products, making them the talk of the show.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Casa Optima’s flavorful ambition: layering legacy with innovation at Sigep
  • The challenge: blending bytes and sweet delights
  • Aryel’s recipe for success: Augmented Reality and a sprinkle of creativity
  • Enhance traditional marketing with innovative digital experiences using AR

Here’s Casa Optima‘s goal

Casa Optima’s mission was twofold: to engage with visitors in an innovative and entertaining way and to make their participation at Sigep unforgettable.

The challenge was to find a medium that would connect with Sigep visitors and at the same time stand out from the competition, demonstrating their innovative and daring spirit.

What Aryel did to reach it

To fulfill Casa Optima’s vision, Aryel developed three AR Instagram filters, each offering a unique digital perspective on the brand personality.

The first filter celebrated Mec3‘s 40th anniversary, immersing users in a festive scene complete with a virtual gelato cup adorned with candles and surrounded by floating golden balloons, encapsulating the joy and achievement of four decades.

For Giuso, Aryel created a filter that take users back in time, featuring classic illustrations and a digital gelato chef’s hat, reminiscent of old-world Italian gelaterias.

The third filter promoted the Pernigotti and Krumiri partnership, humorously placing a Krumiri biscuit on the user’s lips as a smile, while creating an enchanting backdrop of falling Krumiri biscuits.

Set of AR filters made for Casa Optima's brands

These filters not only celebrated Casa Optima’s storied past and its current collaborations but also provided an immersive and playful way for users to discover and interact with the brand.

The success of these AR filters at the Sigep fair was nothing short of remarkable. Casa Optima saw a significant increase in booth visitors, drawn by the unique opportunity to engage with the brand through these innovative filters.

Additionally, the Instagram filters amplified their reach, as users eagerly shared their interactions on social media. This not only increased Casa Optima’s visibility at the fair but also boosted their brand awareness far beyond the event, showcasing the power of combining traditional marketing activities like trade fair with modern digital experiences.

Augmented Reality: enhance traditional marketing with innovative digital experiences

Trade shows have long been a staple of the marketing playbook, providing a tangible way for brands to connect with audiences, showcase products, and build business relationships.

However, in a digital age where consumer engagement extends far beyond physical interactions, integrating modern digital experiences into these traditional settings has become increasingly relevant.

Aryel’s innovative approach at Sigep demonstrated how Augmented Reality can be seamlessly integrated into a traditional trade show environment. By using AR, Casa Optima broke the boundaries of the booth, allowing the brand to engage with visitors in a playful and memorable way.

In addition, the integration of AR experiences, such as social media filters, allows visitors to become brand ambassadors with just a few taps. AR experiences offer visitors compelling ways to connect with products, while providing brand awareness, memorability and lead generation potential.

This can also be valuable to brands by extending the reach of marketing activities beyond the show floor, reaching prospects who may not have had the opportunity to attend, or enabling future marketing campaigns based on user-generated content.