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Supermarkets from the future: Conad Centro Nord’s AR-powered customer engagement

Discover how Conad Centro Nord leveraged Augmented Reality to renew the Customer Journey and deliver certified information about products.


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Are you tired of reading every product label while grocery shopping? Ever wished for a supermarket experience where product information is just a scan away? Conad Centro Nord, an Italian large-scale retail giant, has found a way to turn this chore into a journey of discovery and engagement, without the need of even glancing at product labels.

With this success story, you’ll learn how Conad Centro Nord has not only enhanced the shopping experience for their customers, but also provided them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their purchases. 

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Conad Centro Nord’s need to enhance its Customer Experience
  • Giving product information while engaging with customers? How Conad Centro Nord make their products ‘talk’
  • Terraforming the large-scale retail industry, thanks to Augmented Reality
  • No more guessing games: AR technology takes the guesswork out of shopping

Here’s Conad Centro Nord‘s goal

Conad faced the challenge of providing its users with up-to-date information about the products they were purchasing. The lack of timely, reliable data on the provenance, quality, and safety of products was a major pain point for customers, who were increasingly looking for transparency and engagement in their shopping experience.

The brand aimed to transform the customer experience by leveraging Blockchain technology to certify product data and make it accessible to users through a user-friendly web app. The goal was to engage customers with an innovative and exciting way to access information about the origin of the products and their supply chain.

What Aryel did to reach it

Conad wanted to offer users complete food traceability of their products, and choose to do that by transforming a supply chain process into a digital engagement tool, allowing to revamp the Customer Experience, user engagement while leveraging the traffic from offline to online.

To achieve this, Conad developed a web app that used blockchain technology to certify product data and provided customers a WebAR experience to show the information through a virtual avatar.

Through the use of blockchain, which verifies data on the origin of products, the information is made available to the end user via an application, which allows them to see the information directly on their smartphone. The customer could scan the QR code on the packaging to access certified supply chain information about the product; it then gets redirected on the web application, where all the data available would be vocally told by the Conad avatar. Thanks to the outstanding work of integration between the blockchain, the web application and the Aryel API, the process of creating new product information and descriptions is fully automated, for each and every new product batch.

By leveraging Augmented Reality, Conad was able to create an intriguing and interactive experience that answered consumers’ doubts and questions in a way never seen before,
increasing customer satisfaction and delivering vital product details to users, to achieve an average engagement duration of the experience of 2 minutes.

No more guessing games: AR technology takes the guesswork out of shopping

By providing timely, reliable information and a captivating WebAR experience, Conad was able to tighten up the relationship with customers, thanks to an omnicanal approach and the offering of accurate information to its visitors.

Offering precise and timely information can turn an indecisive customer into a loyal one, removing frictions and obstacles from the Customer Experience. Augmented Reality technology can really offer new tricks up the sleeve of retailers, addressing some major sore points of the industry, like the returns of products, the need for space of the physical inventory and much more.

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