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Complex to captivating in 73 seconds: Delta OHM’s success at InterSolar 2023

In an innovative interplay of technology and marketing, Aryel empowers Delta OHM to bring its complex PYRAsense models to life through engaging AR experiences, revolutionizing product presentation.


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Presenting a complex product like a pyranometer in an engaging and innovative fashion can sometimes feel like trying to make quantum physics sound like a bedtime story. The challenge amplifies in the fiercely competitive atmosphere of a trade fair.

This was the exact situation Delta OHM found themselves in, as they prepared to unveil their latest PYRAsense models at InterSolar 2023 conference in Munich.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Delta OHM’s goals: shining light on their newest product line
  • Lighting the path: Aryel’s master plan to success
  • The sunny side of success: Delta OHM’s campaign results
  • Augmented Reality: transforming complex products into captivating ones

Here’s Delta OHM‘s goal

Delta OHM, a stalwart in sustainable meteorological equipment manufacturing, had one clear objective: to showcase their state-of-the-art PYRAsense models to the world, making them stand out from the fair’s competition.

They aimed to captivate and educate their audience, making a complex piece of tech like a pyranometer not just understandable, but fascinating, all while highlighting each model’s unique features.

What Aryel did to reach it

Aryel, employing the transformative power of Augmented Reality, stepped onto the stage to design an innovative marketing experience for Delta OHM.

Their strategy? They came up with two immersive AR experiences designed to educate and engage in equal measure. The first experience drew inspiration from gaming, offering users an interactive, virtual landscape. Armed with their smartphones acting as pyranometers, participants journeyed through a 360° AR scenario that changed dynamically with the day’s time and weather conditions, showcasing the responsive nature of the PYRAsense models to these changes.

Here you can take a look at Delta OHM’s interactive experience.

Not stopping at that, Aryel dove into the details of different PYRAsense models with their second AR experience. This was a meticulously designed landing page, crafted to dissect the complexities and features of the PYRAsense models. It highlighted the distinct specifications of each model, transforming intricate details into an easily digestible, captivating narrative.

Customer Journey of AR Landing Pages made for Delta OHM

Here you take a peek at Delta OHM’s PYRAsense models showcase.

The journey through each experience concluded with a potent call-to-action.
Users were encouraged to take their curiosity one step further by sending a pre-formatted email to Delta OHM for additional information, facilitating a deeper connection between the brand and its audience.

Ultimately, Aryel propelled Delta OHM to the forefront of innovation, helping them spread awareness on its newest product line and turning passive observers into engaged explorers – who dedicated an impressive average of 73 seconds interacting with their cutting-edge products through the AR experience.

Transforming complex products into captivating ones with Augmented Reality

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words; in the world of Augmented Reality, we believe it’s worth a million. Aryel’s solution for Delta OHM is a testament to that belief.
By transforming the complex PYRAsense models into interactive experiences, AR made understanding these advanced devices not just simpler, but ultimately enjoyable.

But it’s not just in the realm of advanced meteorological instruments where Augmented Reality shines. In fact, AR can revolutionize how we approach product marketing in industries across the board.

Imagine visualizing the complex mechanisms of an advanced healthcare device, or understanding the intricate features of a state-of-the-art wristwatch through an immersive AR experience. By bringing to life the inner workings of these products, AR not only educates potential customers but also creates a memorable impression, reinforcing brand awareness (while differentiating from the competition, especially in competitive environments like trade fairs).

Aryel’s innovative AR approach can be a game changer for complex machinery manufacturers. It bridges the gap between complex technical jargon and a broader audience, making the complicated world of product specifications not just accessible, but enthralling. In this sense, Augmented Reality is not just about seeing – it’s about understanding, immersing, and remembering. And that’s a reality worth investing in.

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