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Hygge Dog teams up with Aryel to help you discover the perfect kibble for your four-legged friend

Hygge Dog partners with Aryel to bring you the perfect kibble through a personalized AR experience. Discover natural, eco-friendly pet food endorsed by influencer Giulia Valentina and her Chihuahua, Gué.


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When sustainability meets pet care, new and innovative brands dedicated to animal well-being are born. From the collaboration with Aryel and Hygge Dog, a sustainable, single-protein pet food rich, a new way for discovering the cure for your dog has been developed.

Hygge Dog was founded in 2021 by Martina, Giada, Rebecca, Clarissa, and Samuele with the goal of creating the perfect and healthiest kibble for their furry friends. It stands out not only for its dedication to animal care but also for its commitment to a sustainable planet, thanks to their 100% paper-based packaging that avoids using over 9,522 plastic bags.

To effectively showcase their product and create a personalized experience for their audience, Hygge Dog partnered with Aryel to develop an AR experience that enhances lead generation and conversions on their e-commerce platform.

What you will learn from this Customer Story:

  • Hygge Dog’s Goal: Increase lead generation and conversions.
  • From Concept to Creation: How Aryel reimagined pet food Marketing with Augmented Reality.
  • Sustainability and Health as Brand Core: The impact of AR in redefining choice and the sustainability message in products.

Here’s Hygge Dog’s goal

To boost lead generation and help people find the ideal pet food, Hygge Dog launched a campaign called “Find the Perfect Kibble for Your Furry Friend’’ through an AR Quiz experience. 

This interactive quiz uses a complex decision tree to guide users through a personalized experience based on their answers about their dog’s breed, habits, weight, ecc., ultimately recommending one of nine food and kibble products.

The campaign also features a collaboration with influencer Giulia Valentina, who shares her lifestyle with her beloved Chihuahua, Gué. Through her stories, Giulia promotes the “Find the Perfect Kibble for Your Furry Friend” campaign, showing which of the nine kibbles is best suited for her Gué.

Additionally, Hygge Dog showcased the experience at the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg, Germany, where visitors could access it through QR codes at their booth.

What Aryel did to achieve this

Aryel developed an strategic augmented reality quiz that uses facial recognition and movements to guide users through a series of questions. Each response leads to the next relevant question, creating a personalized path for the user.

At the end of the experience, users receive a discount code to use at checkout on the Hygge Dog’s e-commerce site, encouraging them to make a purchase.

The experience begins with a short form linked to the CRM, allowing Hygge Dog to expand their database and enhance lead generation.

This experience was crafted using Aryel’s Marketing Suite.

Additionally, we’ve put together a dedicated newsletter offering loyal Hygge Dog followers priority access to the quiz and an associated discount. With a community boasting 10K contacts, starting May 20th, we’ll kick off official communications featuring influencer Giulia Valentina on Hygge Dog’s own account.

Sustainability, AR, and Pet-Friendly Animal Well-Being

Augmented reality offers more than just entertainment. It also enhances audience engagement with a brand by conveying significant values like animal welfare and sustainability, issues that are very important to Aryel.

Moreover, Augmented reality can meet a brand’s need by enhancing customer interaction with products through a seamless multi-channel shopping experience, blending physical and digital elements, and directly impacting retail sales avoiding wastes.

Incorporating AR into digital spaces provides retailers with a more holistic way to differentiate the shopping journey, giving them a competitive edge and potentially boosting revenues. The experiential and interactive aspects of shopping are becoming increasingly important, as engaging customers’ senses influences their buying decisions. Simplifying and enriching the shopping experience maximizes sales. 

These types of experiences enable brands to forge deeper connections with consumers and more. For instance, the quiz format chosen by Hygge Dog not only boosts lead generation but also helps brands understand their consumers’ needs in a mindful and sustainable way.

Davide Bettinelli, Partner & Partnerships Lead

“I’m thrilled with the collaboration with Hygge Dog. They’ve shown from the get-go that they understand the real added value of augmented reality in reaching their communication objectives, not just as an add-on to the project. I’m sure this approach will prove its efficacy right off the bat, starting with the campaign results.”

Giada Iacopini, Co-founder & CMO di Hygge Dog  

“We are thrilled with the results from our collaboration with Aryel to launch the augmented reality communication campaign. Thanks to AR and gamification, we have managed to create a unique and engaging experience for our customers, enabling them to find the ideal food for their four-legged friends in a personalized and interactive way.Being at the forefront of the products we offer is only part of our mission; it is equally fundamental to embrace the most modern and innovative forms of communication. Augmented reality not only allows us to differentiate our brand but also to interact with our customers in a more meaningful and memorable way. This approach has allowed us to combine our commitment to the well-being of our four-legged friends with an advanced marketing strategy that involves and educates our customers. Indeed, we are strong advocates of the belief that companies must innovate not only their product offerings but also the way they communicate with their audience. With Aryel, we have managed to take our customer engagement to the next level in the experiences we offer.”