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Crafted to captivate: Nexion Tiles cements innovator status with an AR gamification tilescape

When luxury tile manufacturer Nexion wanted to showcase the intricate artistry of its Onice Nero collection, it turned to Aryel to create an immersive experience that would educate both customers and sales reps on the intricacies of the product.


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Communicating product complexity is no easy feat – just ask the visionaries at Nexion Tiles. As a leading innovator in luxury tile design, Nexion wanted to showcase its meticulously crafted Onice Nero collection.

Consisting of four intricately layered onyx slabs saturated with black agate, these premium tiles radiated refined elegance. But highlighting such elaborate craftsmanship digitally seemed an impossible task. To cement its status as a tile innovator, Nexion realized the solution was found in laying an AR foundation.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Nexion tiles’ aim to cement Onice Nero as a premium design mastertile
  • The challenge: communicating the intricacies of tiles that don’t exist in nature
  • Aryel paves the way to immerse Nexion Tiles’ customers and sales reps
  • Breaking down intricacy, interactively: how AR turned virtual Nexion’s tiles into tactile sensations

Here’s Nexion Tiles‘ goal

For Nexion Tiles, the goal was twofold: to immerse customers in the creation of these luxury tiles, revealing the artistry behind each piece, and to equip their sales team with an interactive tool to demonstrate Nexion’s unparalleled craftsmanship.

They wanted to combine imagination and education through a digital experience that would leave a lasting impression. And what better way to do that than through an AR gamification experience?

What Aryel did to reach it

To showcase Nexion’s premium Onice Nero collection, Aryel created an immersive Augmented Reality experience to bring this craftsmanship to life. When the experience launched, an information box revealed the different layers that make up the Onice Nero tile: four different layers of onyx, white, pink, green and red, topped with a rare black agate finish.

By clicking on each onyx tile, users could discover details about the unique mineral properties, color and origin of each layer. This interactive element allowed the audience to appreciate the premium materials used to create each tile.

Once the user has finished exploring the tiles, a call to action button invites them to ‘play the game’. When clicked, the user is taken to a puzzle challenge: here, participants had to search their surroundings for different onyx shard shapes and combine them to form the complete tile. Once a user successfully assembled the layers, the entire onyx slab transformed – the black agate applied itself to reveal the finished Onice Nero tile.

Customer Journey of AR Landing Page made for Nexion Tiles

Here you can take a look at Nexion Tile’s experience.

This gamification element allowed users to engage with Nexion’s meticulous design process in a fun, hands-on way. By actively assembling the tile layers and witnessing the transformation, the audience was able to truly appreciate the intricacy behind this premium product.

Finally, a caption reinforced the brand message: “Onice Nero – not made by nature, but nature could have”. A button invites the user to give feedback, thereby increasing engagement.

Aryel’s AR solution delivered far more than marketing engagement for Nexion – it revealed the tiles’ unique layered composition and artisanal craftsmanship. Gamification enabled engaging presentation and product training worldwide. By tapping into the power of Augmented Reality, Aryel opened doors to increased awareness and education around the Onice Nero tiles.

Breaking down intricacy, interactively: how AR turned virtual Nexion’s tiles into tactile sensations

For luxury brands such as Nexion Tiles, the complexity of a product is a paradox – it embodies quality, yet is difficult to communicate. Nexion’s Onice Nero collection highlighted this, featuring rare onyx and agate in a nature-defying composition. While its complexity defined its appeal, communicating such nuance digitally seemed an impossible challenge.

Through 3D Visualization and interactivity, AR experiences can make tangible what is difficult to explain. For Nexion, AR technology paved the way to highlight the essence of the Onice Nero collection.

The true-to-life 3D rendering of each layer of onyx allowed audiences to inspect the mineral intricacies of the tiles first-hand – and appreciate variations that were impossible through static imagery. By digitally deconstructing and then reconstructing the tiles through gamification, users were able to grasp Nexion’s vision in a tactile, hands-on way.

AR allowed Nexion to not only showcase its product, but also involve customers in the creation process. This brought the emotional brand story to life and resonated more deeply than any traditional advertising. Through creativity and technology, AR combined imagination with education about the sophisticated nature of Nexion’s offerings.

For luxury brands, AR provides a portal through which complex products can be explored and understood by an audience eager to interact. Just as AR transformed tiles from static to interactive, it can bring any product story to life – deepening the connection between brand and consumer. Augmented Reality is paving the way for the future of premium product marketing.

Is your product storytelling falling flat? Add some AR magic with Aryel’s solutions. Schedule a demo today to explore how Augmented Reality can cut through the noise to communicate craftsmanship.