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Nutella boosts contest participants’ rates with Aryel engaging WebAR Experience

Read this customer success story and learn how Nutella & Bialetti Launch Co-Branded Coffee Maker Contest with AR Technology, powered by Aryel.


Content Discovery

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Versus previous campaigns


Social Media Post

With the campaign hashtag

Launching a product on the market can be a complex and risky process, especially when it involves a partnership between multiple companies.

For this reason, it is important to create a marketing strategy that aims to create media resonance. But creating buzz about the product could not be enough nowadays: as they get more and more common, brands have to ensure that potential customers and users can experience the product in an innovative and engaging way. Here comes AR technology.

What you will learn from this customer story:

  • How to showcase a limited edition product to drive awareness and engagement
  • How to leverage contest to gain traction on social media
  • The results of Nutella AR campaign
  • How product visualization can improve marketing efforts in the retail industry 

Here’s Nutella‘s goal

Nutella, one of the most loved and well-known Ferrero brands, needed to find a buzz-genereting way to promote its latest huge partnership campaign, aimed to launch a co-branded coffee maker realized with Bialetti.

Using Aryel AR technology, they launched a contest with simple rules: users had to play, take a photo of the coffee maker in AR, and share it on social media with a campaign hashtag for a chance to win. Once users landed on the contest page, they could see the product in Augmented Reality directly from the smartphone, without having to download any app.

The goal of the project was to improve engagement, increase contest participants’ rates, and reach new customers, all while showcasing the product in an innovative way that provides the wow-effect.

What Aryel did to reach it

To achieve this, Nutella collaborated with Aryel and Tandù – the web agency that joined the Aryel Partner Program – and leveraged the Aryel platform to create an engaging WebAR experience.

To promote the campaign, ads were posted on social media featuring visuals that highlighted the contest. When users clicked on the ads they were redirected to a landing page, where they could access the experience and follow the instructions: invited to try the AR product visualization, user were incentivized to take photos of their own experiences and share them on social media with the hashtag #nutellagiocaevinci. Afterward, their name would be randomly drawn for a chance to win the limited edition coffee-maker.

The results speak for themselves: over 10,000 posts were shared with the hashtags, making it quickly became a trending topic and increasing the content discovery of the brand of 68%. That has lead to an increase of user’s interaction on the brand’s channels, with an outstanding +13% comments and +22% shares on social media pages.

The campaign was highly successful in engaging users’ attention and driving them to the brand’s website, ultimately leading to an increase in brand awareness and customer loyalty.
Thanks to Aryel WebAR experience, Nutella was able to reach their goals in providing an engaging and innovative experience for their customers.

Enhance your Customer Experience, with WebAR

WebAR (Web Augmented Reality) is a technology that allows users to access immersive AR content through a browser, without the need to download any app. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create interactive and breathtaking experiences, perfect to showcase products and provide users with a one-of-a-kind experience. This explains why, according to a survey conducted by ABI Research, 45% of companies in the retail industry are using Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance their marketing performance.

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