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Art meets AR: Onstream Gallery’s boost conversion by 94%, thanks to Aryel

Discover how OnStream Gallery painted a vivid experience for art enthusiasts boosting conversions by 94% thanks to Augmented Reality.


Conversion Rate

In online purchasing


Return Rate

In e-commerce purchases


Sales Lift

Thanks to AR/3D contents

In the art world, where masterpieces abound, galleries must create unforgettable experiences to capture the hearts (and wallets) of enthusiasts. The secret to success lies not just in the art on display, but in painting a vivid, captivating story that customers can’t resist.

For galleries striving to make their mark, like the protagonist of today’s Customer Success Story, it’s time to embrace the canvas of innovation to craft an alluring, memorable journey worth framing.

OnStream Gallery, a digital haven for art enthusiasts, was struggling to convince potential buyers that their masterpieces would look perfect on their walls: that’s why they turned to Aryel.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Onstream Gallery’s need to revamp their Customer Journey
  • How Onstream Gallery bring art to life, thanks to Aryel
  • The outstanding result’s of Onstream Gallery’s Augmented Reality campaign
  • Coloring outside the lines: the impact of AR on the art industry

Here’s OnStream Gallery‘s goal

Art sales stalled because of the uncertainties associated with online shopping. With high-ticket purchases on the line, customers demanded certainty before committing to a piece, and a simple online image just didn’t cut it.

Onstream needed a way to engage with art collectors, and at the same time they needed to address some frictions in their Customer Journey – they wanted to give customers a clear picture of how the artwork they wanted to buy would fit in their homes.

What Aryel did to reach it

OnStream Gallery joined forces with Aryel’s no-code suite to create a mesmerizing Augmented Reality campaign. This allowed customers to virtually preview artworks before purchasing.

This immersive approach empowered art aficionados to explore their space and preferences from the comfort of their homes, alleviating concerns about returns or dissatisfaction. This not only set OnStream Gallery apart from competitors but also remarkably boosted sales and conversions.

The use of the Aryel solution led to an astonishing 94% increase in conversion rates on specific product pages. In addition, it provided invaluable insights through user data collection. Furthermore, seamless integration eliminates the need for app development or downloads, giving OnStream Gallery a competitive advantage in the art marketplace.

With the power of Augmented Reality, customers could confidently invest in their desired masterpieces, making this partnership nothing short of a work of art.

You can have a glimpse of the OnStream Gallery’s campaign here.

Coloring outside the lines: the impact of AR on the art industry

The success of OnStream Gallery and Aryel’s partnership is a testament to the transformative impact AR can have on the art world, paving the way for a more interactive, accessible, and dynamic future for the industry.

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms, Augmented Reality has emerged as a powerful tool for galleries, artists, and collectors, opening up new possibilities for customer engagement, personalization, and satisfaction.

This also opens up new ways of sharing art, without the typical constraints of real, tangible art: not only does it allow collectors and enthusiasts to interact with works in a new way, untethered from the physical presence of galleries, but also to simplify the handling and moving of works, for example in view of exhibitions, without the risk of damage to the work.

Ready to make your sales soar like a modern-day Michelangelo? Discover the magic of our Virtual Art Gallery template on Aryel’s platform and watch your masterpieces come to life in customers’ homes. Unleash your inner artist and craft your very own Augmented Reality experience today!