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€0,74 CPL? Here’s how Poke House achieved it, in this adv campaign featured on TikTok

Poke House leveraged Aryel WebAR to launch a gamification experience on TikTok, to engage customers and bring them to their new flagship store.


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If you ever tried to drive customers from online to offline, you know it can be challenging.

And what if you just opened a flagship store in a new market and want your audience to discover the products?

Here’s how our client, Poke House, a leader in the franchise industry with stores located all around the world, leveraged Augmented Reality for the opening of its new store in Romania, developing an engaging online gamification experience to bring users into the physical restaurant.

What you will learn from this customer story:

  • Poke House groundbreaking way to enter a new market
  • How to instill curiosity (and hunger) in your target audience with an AR quiz
  • The results of the Poke House campaign
  • AR Technology, a new standard in the food and beverage industry

Here’s Poke House‘s goal

Poke House was determined to introduce a product considered new in a market where Poke is still an emerging trend. Moreover, they wanted to associate the brand with a premium experience, to match its offering of high-quality product and services.

Their goal was to develop and share a highly engaging online experience to bring users into the physical store, through a WebAR marketing campaign. To do so, they wanted to launch a TikTok campaign with gamification elements, in order to focus all their assets and objectives in an instant.

What Aryel did to reach it

To achieve this goal, they partnered with Aryel, and leveraged WebAR to launch a gamification experience on TikTok, to engage customers and bring them from online to their new flagship store.

The Augmented Reality experience was enriched with 3D content to enhance engagement and interactivity: different animations appeared on the screen depending on the answers given, leading to numerous possible Poke combinations and encouraging users to try the quiz several times to discover them all. By playing, users then composed the poke, which could be tried in the store.

The multi-scene approach of the quiz facilitated the reiteration of the experience, leading to an impressive result: the campaign on TikTok collected more than 204k interactions in a single day. If it weren’t enough, more than 200k unique WebAR sessions were registered in a single day, leading to new leads in the target market being collected at the astonishing Cost per Lead of €0.74.

Watch the video of the Poke House experience here.

A showcase of the Poke House AR experience created with the Aryel platform

How AR is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry

Aryel WebAR was the perfect solution for this, as it offered an immersive and interactive experience that helped customers understand the product and its value. It also helped to increase engagement, boost contest participants rates and reach new users, all while collecting lead in an innovative and engaging way.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, 45% of companies in the food and beverage industry are using Augmented Reality (AR) in their marketing campaigns and operations.

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Gamification can be a very powerful approach for brands. Not only it offers more engaging and interactive experiences, but also allows gathering valuable insights of user expectations and trends. Read on Aryel Blog how to leverage gamification to improve marketing surveying.