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Sentinel Diagnostics revitalize its marketing vital signs thanks to an AR-avatar therapy

Discover how Sentinel Diagnostics used AR to overcome the complexity of marketing challenges in the healthcare industry.


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Ever tried explaining the theory of relativity to a five-year-old?

That’s how difficult it can be to showcase complex products like Sentinel Diagnostics’ SENTiNAT 200 in a simple, engaging manner. But fear not, marketer: we took on the challenge to reduce the complexity, making SENTiNAT 200’s features and benefits digestible for everyone – even those without a PhD in molecular biology.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • The pulse of Sentinel Diagnostics’ marketing pain points
  • Aryel’s prescription for Sentinel Diagnostics’ success
  • A remarkable remedy: an enthralling web360 experience
  • A dose of innovation: AR’s potential to transforms healthcare marketing

Here’s Sentinel Diagnostics‘ goal

Sentinel Diagnostics, leader in vitro diagnostic kit research and development, aimed to increase awareness for their revolutionary product, SENTiNAT 200. They wanted to showcase its capabilities at the AMCLI Congress and to create an unforgettable, interactive experience for attendees.

And, of course, they wanted to make sure their top-secret weapon, Lisa the Avatar, made a lasting impression, informing and educating visitors on their product’s capabilities.
So, how can you make the complicated simple, and turn a potential headache into an “aha!” moment?

What Aryel did to reach it

Thanks to Aryel’s no-code suite, we designed an interactive experience in which Lisa, the Avatar, spilled the beans on SENTiNAT 200’s game-changing features. As attendees scanned the QR code from the posters disseminated at the conference, they were greeted by Lisa, proudly emphasizing its automatic and error-proof nature.

After a warm introduction to the product, on the lower part of the screen users could select questions to learn more about SENTiNAT 200 and its capabilities for DNA extraction, PCR preparation, amplification, and analysis.

Curious minds could also ask Lisa about the tests SENTiNAT 200 could run and its processing capabilities. If they wanted to dig deeper, Lisa guided them to the client’s website and through a contact email for further information. All of this, while keeping the conversation light and engaging with her charming personality.
Here you can have a taste of her likable personality (and of SENTiNAT 200 too, of course).

A preview of the experience made by Aryel for Sentinel Diagnostics

The Aryel-powered campaign turned heads and raised eyebrows at the AMCLI Congress, offering Sentinel Diagnostic a lever to differentiate themselves from the competition. It generated buzz and heightened awareness about SENTiNAT 200, as well as increased engagement with the brand.

The experience was so successful that the client decided to publish it on their website and to create an English version to broaden its reach.
As for SENTiNAT 200, it’s no longer an unsolved mystery – it’s a celebrated innovation that’s leaving its mark on the industry. And it’s all thanks to Aryel’s no-code suite, which brought a sprinkle of AR magic to the mix, and of course, to Lisa the Avatar, who stole the show (for the sake of the product).

A dose of innovation: how AR transforms healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketers must navigate an adverse landscape unlike any other industry. The distribution of equipment and devices is particularly challenging, traditional marketing materials often fail to convey the value of these sophisticated products, and the difficulty to stand out at trade shows make it hard for healthcare marketers to grab the attention of potential clients.

AR technology allows healthcare marketers to present their medical equipment in stunning detail, showcasing each component and providing clear information about product appearance and functionality. This can significantly reduce logistics and distribution costs while boosting sales during client demonstrations.

With AR, products can be displayed digitally, eliminating the need for physically transporting heavy and delicate equipment to trade shows or client meetings. This not only saves on costs but also reduces the risk of equipment damage.
AR also shortens the sales cycle by allowing sales and distributors to perform demos directly on the client’s site, giving a clear understanding of how much space the product occupies in the laboratory.

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