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Wine to meet you: how Valdo Spumanti increased customer acquisition by +700% thanks to AR

Read this customer success story to learn about the AR marketing strategy that led to an 82% engagement rate and +150 leads in just 3 days.


Engagement Rate

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Conversion Rate

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Clients Acquisition

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Staying up to date, finding new ways to engage and being innovative can be hard sometimes, especially when your target audience is young and prone to throw oneself into/take part with the newest and most fresh experience on the market.

Those challenges can be even tougher in some industries, known for their competitive scenario: that is the case of wine and of the protagonist of this customer success story, Valdo Spumanti.

What you will learn from this customer story:

  • How a wine premium brand can engage effectively Gen Z and Millennials
  • Augmented Reality, a new way to storytell premium products
  • Increasing conversion and engagement, easy like drinking a glass of wine
  • Groundbreaking applications of AR for the wine industry 

Here’s Valdo Spumanti‘s goal

Valdo Spumanti wanted to launch a new marketing strategy involving Augmented Reality throughout the Customer Journey. They needed a way to reach Millennials and Gen Z, increase engagement and brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales and ROI. 

To achieve this, they’ve asked Aryel to develop an interactive Face Recognition quiz that would be hosted at Valdo Spumanti stand during a famous Italian wine exposition, Vinitaly. The goal of the project was to introduce a new product, that will establish the brand as premium quality, bring users into the physical stand and create a highly engaging gamification experience. 

What Aryel did to reach it

When landed at Valdo Spumanti stand at Vinitaly, users were asked to take the quiz: moving their heads sideways they could give answers on the origin of the winery, their grape varieties and about the design of the bottle.

Visitors who played the game had the opportunity to win a Valdo Spumanti gadget and see the limited-edition Valdo Paradise bottle, designed by the NY artist Ceci Johnson in Augmented Reality.

Thanks to the initiative, the company collected +150 leads in less than 3 days and had an impressive 82% engagement rate. With a focused and innovative approach, they were able to reach their goals and prove the power of Augmented Reality (AR) in the wine industry.

You can try the Valdo Spumanti’s AR experience here.

Groundbreaking applications of AR for the wine industry

With this AR Marketing strategy, the tradition of Valdo Spumanti meets the innovation of Aryel: the outcome is not as a mere endpoint or a marketing campaign in itself, but a way to announce that the brand has officially entered the world of AR. The results of the initiative have proven that Augmented Reality is a targeted and highly innovative approach to reach younger generations.

According to a survey published on Vitisphere in 2022, 85% of wine enthusiasts would scan a product QR code to have more information about it, 82% to access virtual assistance and 69% to access loyalty programs. AR, in the wine industry, is here to stay: definitely not the case of old wine in a new bottle.

Wine isn’t the only luxury industry enhanced by the applications of AR technology. Discover how Nove25, an established jewelry brand, utilized Augmented Reality to remove frictions in the journeys of the customers.