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Zoptiks revolutionize remote education creating outstanding learning expeditions, thanks to AR

From virtual classrooms to augmented adventures: dive into the extraordinary tale of how Zoptiks and Aryel joined forces to reshape remote learning.


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In the wake of COVID-19, the education sector faced a colossal challenge: how to keep students engaged and inspired through remote learning? Teachers, professors, and trainers worldwide scrambled to find innovative ways to keep educational processes from falling flat.

Zoptiks is a company determined to make a difference in the lives of kids navigating the virtual learning landscape. They knew there had to be a way to transport children on extraordinary learning adventures without compromising the depth and quality of their education.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • The education’s struggle to engage kids in remote learning
  • The quest for an extraordinary virtual classroom solution
  • How Aryel’s Augmented Reality magic brings learning to life
  • Building a brighter educational future with Augmented Reality

Here’s Zoptiks‘s goal

At the heart of Zoptiks’ vision was the desire to make remote education more engaging and accessible to all: that’s why they embarked on a mission to tackle remote education challenges by creating immersive and enthralling learning experiences. 

The goal was to capture young learners’ attention, foster curiosity and wonder in every lesson, and provide user-friendly, interactive tools for teachers and students alike.

What Aryel did to reach it

Zoptiks joined forces with Aryel to create stunning, educational video journeys packed with activities, pop-ups, and holograms to entertain and engage scholars. Thanks to Aryel, teachers and parents can now offer students easy and affordable virtual field trips that ignite their curiosity and fuel their imagination. 

With just a few clicks, Zoptiks can now turn every room into a mesmerizing wonderland of knowledge, without app downloads or extra gear needed.

Aryel’s CEO and co-Founder, Mattia Salvi, saw massive potential in WebAR for the education field and was thrilled to partner with Zoptiks: “Thanks to this partnership, we can offer students and pupils easy and affordable virtual field trips, encouraging curiosity and sparking children’s imagination”.

Hari Kunduru, founder of Zoptiks, couldn’t be happier with the partnership, stating, “Aryel provided excellent customer support and they’re hungry for growth. The Aryel platform is solid and offers features that no one else on the market offers.”

In a world where remote learning threatened to leave children disengaged and uninspired, Aryel and Zoptiks joined forces to open a door to a whole new world of learning. This brought excitement back to education.

Building a brighter educational future with Augmented Reality

The education industry has faced monumental challenges in recent years, particularly in the quest to engage and inspire students through remote learning.
Augmented Reality has emerged as a powerful tool that bridges the gap between the virtual classroom and hands-on, interactive learning experiences. 

In fact, a study by the University of Maryland found that students who learned using AR/VR tools experienced a 10% improvement in their knowledge retention rates compared to traditional teaching methods.

By embracing Augmented Reality technology in education, teachers and professionals can revolutionize the appeal of traditional learning, fostering curiosity, and boosting imagination to create immersive learning environments that captivate students of all ages.

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