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Have you ever felt stuck in your reality, wondering about exotic destinations over the horizon, like Truman Burbank on ‘The Truman Show’?

Alpitour, a leading Italian player in the travel sector, wanted to dazzle users and leave them in awe with a taste of their Maldives’ flagship property, Bravo Premium AlimathĂ : they needed a fresh way to showcase their luxury resort, capturing their target audience’s attention (and reservations).
What will you learn from this customer story:

Here’s Alpitour‘s goal

Alpitour‘s main objective was to increase their bookings and drive more revenue for their business. To achieve this, they wanted to explore innovative ways to attract potential customers and stand out in a highly competitive market scenario.

Rather than relying on traditional marketing content, they decided to experiment with a new approach by creating a captivating Augmented Reality experience. Read on to discover how they successfully achieved their goal.

What Aryel did to reach it

Aryel’s no-code suite empowered Alpitour to craft a mesmerizing AR landing page, taking customers on an Augmented Reality trip across six captivating islands, each of which delved into a different aspect of the Bravo Premium AlimathĂ  resort.

Once the user jumped in, the experience flow would go like this:

Wanna take a look? You can immerse yourself into Alpitour’s experience here.

To truly measure the impact of this marketing campaign, Alpitour conducted an A/B test where the only variable was the landing page – the former was a traditional landing page, the latter in Augmented Reality.
By analyzing conversion data, it became evident that the AR landing page had a significant impact on the campaign’s overall performance.

The AR campaign generated nearly twice the number of impressions than the traditional advertising campaign, but here’s the twist: the AR campaign still secured a 0.98% Click-Through Rate, compared to the 1.13% CTR of the traditional campaign;

The outstanding performance of the AR campaign may not be obvious at first glance: the AR CTR may appear lower. However, it’s essential to consider the large number of impressions the AR campaign achieved, which effectively contributed to a more significant overall engagement and reach. The AR campaign’s impressive performance demonstrates the potential of our no-code tool in helping marketers create successful Augmented Reality campaigns.

Aryel’s no-code suite turned Alpitour’s marketing dreams into an AR reality. The immersive and interactive experience had customers diving headfirst into the virtual world of Bravo Premium AlimathĂ , offering a significant increase in bookings and online engagement, proving that AR isn’t just a gimmick, but the marketing wave of the future.

Alpitour AR Landing Page Experience

How AR is shaping the future of tourism and beyond

Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the travel industry, as demonstrated by Alpitour’s jaw-dropping return on advertisements. But the potential of AR goes beyond impressive marketing campaigns—it’s enhancing the entire travel experience.

Imagine walking through a museum where artifacts and exhibits come to life before your eyes, providing a richer, more immersive cultural experience. Or, picture yourself navigating foreign streets with ease, as an AR experience superimposes translated text on signs and menus. And finally, envision innovative advertising campaigns that let you preview breathtaking locations in AR before booking your trip, making the decision process both engaging and interactive.

By adopting AR technology, travel companies can offer captivating experiences to potential customers, setting themselves apart from the competition and increasing bookings and revenue.

The time has come to set sail on the AR wave and explore the vast possibilities it holds for the travel industry. Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Dive into the Travel Industry page on Aryel’s site for more insights.