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How to conduct the Augmented Reality Marketing Workshop (powered by Aryel)

A snapshot of the canva showed during the Aryel Workshop, aimed at teaching users how to create their own AR campaigns from A to Z

We created the AR Strategy Workshop to offer marketers, freelancers, and enterprises more tools to create and share AR campaigns and get the most out of Aryel.

The format aims to teach how to design Augmented Reality experiences from A to Z, with a theoretical and practical approach, where participants can apply everything they learned during the session.

An AR Strategy Workshop is divided into four modules:

  • Intro: What is AR
  • Design Thinking: How to design an AR experience
  • Customer Stories
  • Platform demo

[1] Introduction: What is Augmented Reality?

In this first module, we explain in depth what is Augmented Reality and its different declinations, for example, WebAR; this step is crucial to understand the potential of this technology compared to other immersive realities (i.e., VR) and how to apply this versatile tool to every step of the customer journey, according to the Always-On AR approach.

[2] Design Thinking: How to design an AR experience

The Design Thinking session is an interactive module in which we explore different fields of applications for AR, exploring all the steps of the funnel and how AR can be applied to all these various touch-points.

To enrich the experience and make it more interactive, we use our exclusive strategical canvas, specially designed by our sales team, to provide and engage valuable training to all participants.

[3] Customer Stories and Aryel Platform Overview

The final sessions of the AR Strategy Workshop by Aryel consist of a Customer Stories showcase, in which we present the most exciting use cases and customer projects we developed in Aryel.

Afterward, our Customer Education Specialist Andrea performs a demo on the platform to explain how to create and share a WebAR experience with Aryel step-by-step.

The strategy workshop is dedicated to businesses, agencies, and freelancers who want to level up their marketing game by offering clients and customers immersive AR marketing experiences on all the customer journey steps, adopting the Always-On AR approach.

What’s next?

The goal in the upcoming months is to improve the offer with more workshops and masterclasses, both off- and online, about AR Marketing, Content Creation, and Strategical Thinking.

The AR Marketing School also complements the project with an online platform to find webinars, tutorials, and masterclasses about AR and immersive technologies.

Agencies and brands are already booking their AR Strategy Workshops; you can see an example here.