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Reimagining workplace engagement: how Nexi transformed HR activation with AR

Nexi, a pioneering pay-tech company, embarked on a major HR project to communicate their core company values. To do so, they leveraged Aryel's AR technology to create an immersive experience that engaged employees with informative content and resources, Augmented Reality quizzes and more.


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In a world where employee engagement and company culture are critical, how can brands approach staff participation in innovative ways?

Nexi, an innovative Italian pay-tech company, faced a daunting challenge: how to effectively communicate its core values to its employees and engage with them to make them feel part of the company ethos.

To make their task even more difficult, they needed a solution that was easy to deploy and activate, yet tied to the company’s physical locations.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Nexi’s need to communicate company values while engaging with employees
  • Nexi’s value venture: fostering a culture of involvement
  • The Aryel’s blueprint: augment company locations with an AR Landing Page
  • Reimagining HR: shaping company culture with Augmented Reality

Here’s Nexi‘s goal

Nexi wanted to move beyond self-referential corporate communications and create a dynamic, engaging experience that would resonate with employees. They wanted to raise awareness of the relationship between the company’s culture and its employees, and highlight the key pillars necessary to embody the company’s mindset.

In addition, Nexi wanted to actively engage its employees in its values and make them feel an integral part of the company’s ethos. This required a tool that not only connected to the company’s physical locations, but also encouraged social sharing within the Nexi community, further fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among employees.

What Aryel did to reach it

To achieve Nexi’s goals, Aryel designed a 360-degree AR landing page office environment with four interactive hotspots, each leading users to one of Nexi’s core values: customer focus, shaping payments, energy and diversity.

Employees were able to freely explore these spaces and engage with informative content, including a mission statement for each value, video resources to deepen insights into each value, and an interactive quiz to measure user alignment with the value. The experience could be accessed directly through QR codes that were distributed in the community spaces of all of Nexi’s office locations.

Experience flow of the Ar Landing page made for Nexi

In addition, Aryel incorporated an AR filter that allowed users to take photos of themselves with the corresponding value to which they felt more connected.

This fun, interactive aspect was designed to inspire employees to share their experiences, effectively increasing the impact of the initiative.
Through quizzes and videos, employees gained a comprehensive understanding of Nexi’s values, and the sharing feature cultivated a collective sense of belonging and identity.

This holistic approach ensured that Nexi’s values were not only communicated, but actively lived and shared by employees.

Reimagining HR: shaping company culture with Augmented Reality

The integration of Augmented Reality into HR activities, as demonstrated by Nexi’s collaboration with Aryel, marks a significant departure from traditional, one-way employee engagement methods. AR opens up a new realm of possibilities, facilitating a two-way dialogue that is more personal and less rigid, bridging the gap between employees and management.

In an era where staff experience is increasingly linked to productivity and retention, innovative HR initiatives are crucial. They pave the way for a more engaged, cohesive, and participatory workforce, setting a new benchmark for Human Resources practices focused on building vibrant and inclusive workplace communities. This evolution is part of a broader trend in the corporate sector, where the importance of active employee involvement and community building is increasingly recognized.

Through engaging AR Minigames, employees can learn about company policies and values in an interactive way, making information more digestible and fun. AR treasure hunts can be an innovative onboarding tool to help new employees familiarize themselves with the office environment. In addition, AR quizzes can effectively promote and reinforce company culture, making the learning process both informative and enjoyable.