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Poke House chooses Aryel and WebAR to inaugurate a new flagship store in Romania

June 29, 2022

poke of poke house on a pink background aryel augmented reality

For the opening of its new flagship store in Romania, Poke House chose Aryel to develop and share a highly engaging online gamification experience with the goal of bringing users into the physical store. 

This WebAR marketing campaign thus becomes a powerful driver to bring customers from online to offline.

«The needs of Poke House were multiple: first of all, to introduce a product considered as new in a market where Poke is still an emerging trend, then, of course, to present and make the Brand known and to be able to immediately associate it with a premium brand experience both online and offline, offering a high-quality product. This is what pushed us to think big and thanks to a top view campaign on TikTok we focused on gamification: the best way to focus all our assets and objectives in a few seconds,» as Fabio Invernici, Head of Digital Marketing in Poke House explains.

Aryel x Poke House

The gamification experience is enriched with 3D content and animations to enhance engagement and interactivity; the 3D assets, which appear on the screen depending on the answers given, both right and wrong, can lead to numerous combinations and encourage users to try the quiz several times to discover them all.

«The key point of the quiz, shared on the brand’s social media,» explains Davide Bettinelli Project & Partnership Manager in Aryel, «is to engage the user thanks to themulti-scene approach, which facilitates the reiteration of the experience, stimulating them to come back again and again»

The results have been particularly encouraging: in addition to collecting new leads in the target market, the campaign on TikTok collected more than 204k interactions in a single day.

You can try the experience here.