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Discover Aryel Immersive Rich Media 👉

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Aryel and Locala Join Forces to integrate Augmented Reality and local insights into drive-to-store campaigns

Aryel and Locala teamed up to reshape drive-to-store campaigns by blending Augmented Reality with local insights, crafting engaging ads that demonstrably enhance user engagement and attention. This strategic partnership is poised to offer brands innovative solutions that redefine advertising effectiveness in the digital age.

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Aryel and OMG Join Forces to Redefine Display Advertising with Augmented Reality

Aryel and OMG have teamed up to redefine display advertising by leveraging augmented reality technology, offering personalized and interactive experiences that resonate with modern consumers. This partnership promises innovative solutions and measurable results, heralding a new era of advertising effectiveness in the digital age.

The Fun Factor: How AR Advergames Are Hooking Consumers with Dopamine-Driven Rewards, Boosting Brandformance

Unlocking the Power of AR Advergames: A Game-Changing Approach to Brand Engagement

Black Friday 2023 Insights: Gen Z leads, personalization shifts from trend to imperative, and innovative tech take center stage

Amidst a 23% decline in spending, Black Friday 2023 in the UK sees a surge in participation, particularly from budget-aware Gen Z consumers, signaling a pivotal shift in shopping trends and priorities.

Aryel’s Augmented Analytics: revealing the emotional impact of your ads

Aryel's Augmented Analytics revolutionizes display advertising by capturing real-time emotions, facial features, and user engagement, ushering in a new era of hyper-personalized, emotionally resonant campaigns.

Aryel’s Ad creative solutions for digital holidays are now available

Elevate your brand's digital holiday campaigns with Aryel's cutting-edge AR display ads and interactive solutions for maximum engagement and impact.

The evolution of Aryel’s logo: charting a journey from playfulness to dazzle

We're excited to share the story of Aryel's rebranding, a journey that encapsulates our steady progression and achievements over the last three years.

We have joined IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework

Strengthening commitment to transparency, privacy, and advanced display ad experiences, our mission remains clear: elevate digital engagements while ensuring an unwavering trust with our user base.

Unveiling “Ads Manager”: Pioneering the Next Frontier in Display Advertising Globally

Long story short: we're excited to launch our cutting-edge Ads Manager, a trailblazing product set to transform the way agencies & brands communicate via Display Advertising.

Aryel & Teads: a powerhouse partnership for bringing 3D/AR in Advertising

Discover how Aryel's platform and Teads' expertise are joining forces to revolutionize digital marketing to create immersive advertising.

Aryel, the Augmented Reality startup (yes, us), has raised 3.7 million Euros in its seed funding round

After raising 700,000 Euros in 2022, Aryel, the Augmented Reality startup, has announced the closure of its seed round with a further financing of 3M Euros.

How we made $145,728 & +1.800 happy customers in 60 days: our AppSumo experience

Discover more about what we learned during the experience on the crazy AppSumo rollercoaster!