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Breathing new life into old content: the art of repurposing

May 11, 2023

The art of repurposing: how to increase the attractiveness and the life cycle of your content

Oh, content marketers, you tireless jugglers of text, images, and video.

You’ve faced the formidable task of churning out fresh, exciting content regularly, only to watch it vanish into the digital abyss, never to be seen again. Cue the sad violin music.
But wait! What if there was a way to breathe back life into that old content, giving it a second chance to shine and dazzle your audience? Drum roll, please.

Enter the art of repurposing, your new secret weapon in the battle against content fatigue. In this rousing tale of digital resurrection, we’ll learn what content repurposing is, as well as reveal the strategies and benefits for doing it correctly. So buckle up, clever marketers, and prepare to turn your content graveyard into a treasure trove of marketing gold!

What does it mean to repurpose content?

It’s the art of transforming your tried-and-true creations into fresh, exciting, and (dare we say) irresistible new masterpieces: repurposing content means that you take some old content, maybe an obsolete one, and you give it a new life, updating its information, changing its formats, publishing it through new channels et cetera.
Behold, as a humble blog post transforms into a captivating infographic, or a snooze-worthy white paper morphs into a binge-worthy podcast series!

Typically when you repurpose content you change its format: that means that a blogpost can turn into a script for a video, an extract from your video can turn into a compelling graphic for social media – you get the idea. That’s done for a reason: your followers may have seen your content, and publishing it again with no real value added can leave them frowned.

Maybe it passed unnoticed, but in the last paragraph there’s another key thing about repurposing content, and that’s “no real value added”. That’s because if you don’t add a fresh take on your repurposed content, you’ll just republish the same stuff over and over again, with the only result you’ll end up as a cheapskate in front of your followers.

So – you’re wondering – what’s the ideal content to repurpose? And the answer is obvious, evergreen content. With ‘evergreen content’ marketers usually refer to content that has no expiration date, that means that it will remain relevant even a month or a year after being published.

Why? Because it would be difficult to make obsolete information and topics relevant again, and probably even useless. Evergreen content can amass a lot of traffic in the long run: keeping these pages and data up to date can help the perceived relevance of the page, ultimately leading to more sales or contact requests.

Repurposing contents: benefits of turning old content into gold

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Well, dear marketer, there’s a lot good reasons to implement repurposing in your content strategy:

  • Scale your marketing efforts: why settle for just one blog post when you can create an email newsletter or a how-to YouTube video from the same content? You’ll be tripling your presence, reaching a wider audience, and spreading your message via different approaches.
  • Boost SEO: with multiple content pieces flaunting similar targeted keywords, search engine crawlers will bow down to your authority, recognizing you as the digital Dumbledore of your domain.
  • Faster content creation: with repurposing, you’re not starting from scratch. You’re working with existing content, which means you can create new pieces at lightning speed, freeing up time to focus on other marketing feats.
  • Nurture creativity: when you repurpose content, you’re essentially creating multiple versions of the same message. This means you can experiment with different formats and styles, nurturing your creativity and fine-tuning your brand voice.
  • Support the sustainability of the marketing ecosystem: by giving old content a new lease on life, you’re not only conserving your creative energy but also contributing to a more sustainable marketing ecosystem.
  • Enhance social media presence: Repurpose content into eye-catching tweets, Instagram carousels, and other social media formats to keep your followers engaged and entertained.
  • Establish thought leadership: The more content you produce on a topic, the more you’ll be recognized as an expert. Repurposing is an excellent way to showcase your knowledge and build trust with your audience.

Content repurposing: the sharpest tool in your marketing’s toolbox

And so, dear marketers, we have reached the end of our thrilling journey through the realm of content repurposing. Before saying goodbye, let’s recap the why’s and benefits of this magical marketing practice.

Content repurposing is your trusty sidekick in the ongoing battle for audience attention, helping you scale your efforts, boost your SEO, and create content more quickly. By repurposing, you can engage with followers via different approaches, enhance your brand consistency, and reach new audiences with ease.

But that doesn’t end here! With content repurposing you can populate your social media calendar in a pinch, establish yourself as a thought leader, and contribute to a sustainable marketing ecosystem.

Don’t leave your old content collecting digital dust! If repurposing isn’t enough for you, why not book a demo? Our AR specialists will show you how our no-code tool can transform your marketing into a real magnet for your leads.