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February Product Update: get ready to reveal and conceal with Show/Hide Assets

February 28, 2024


Hello there, AR Innovators!

As we step into the heart of winter, Aryel is heating things up with fresh updates designed to elevate your Augmented Reality campaigns to new heights. This February, we’re excited to unveil a feature that offers a new dimension of interactivity within your AR experiences.

Show/Hide Assets: a new result of interaction

Show/Hide Assets is all about giving you more control and creativity in how your content is experienced by your audience.

This feature allows you to create experiences where specific user actions – be it scene initialization, a tap or a hover can dynamically hide or show any visible asset.

In the Builder, assign the Show/Hide action to your desired trigger, then select which assets you want to appear or disappear. In this way, you can create interactive narratives where users actively participate in the experience by interacting with different visual elements.

This innovative feature is integrated within the Builder, making it straightforward for you to implement dynamic visibility changes in your campaigns, and can be applied to any visible asset, giving you the freedom to create deeply immersive and interactive experiences that captivate and engage.

Tailored to enhance all trigger-type campaigns (except Surface), Show/Hide Assets adds an extra layer of depth to your creative arsenal, allowing you to design AR experiences that are as dynamic and versatile as your imagination allows.

We’re eager to see the innovative ways you’ll use this new feature to captivate and engage your audiences. 

As always, your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to make Aryel the most user-friendly and powerful AR platform on the market.

Stay cozy, stay inventive, and above all, stay ahead of the curve.

The Aryel Team