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January Product Update: introducing Brand Kits and Interactive Media controls

January 31, 2024

Product Updates | January

Happy New Year, AR Pioneers!

As we venture into January, the chilly air brings with it a season of bold innovation and creativity at Aryel. While the temperature outside may be dropping, our latest AR features are sure to heat up your marketing campaigns.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into this month’s updates.

Introducing Brand Kits, for a streamlined style setting

Gone are the days of manually redefining launcher and loader customizations for each campaign. With Brand Kits, you can seamlessly incorporate your brand’s unique style into every project, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.

Can’t wait to take control of your brand’s visual narrative? Access all your Brand Kits directly from the top navigation bar: Brand > Manage Brand Kits.

Playback Completion – Elevated Media Interaction

With this trigger, you can now give users the ability to take action at the exact end of a video or audio segment, adding a new level of sophistication to your campaigns.

The Playback Completion feature works for all trigger types (except Surface).
Customize your triggers in the right panel of the Builder and fine-tune the experience for your audience, guiding them through your content in a way that feels intuitive and seamless.

Toggle Video/Audio – Simplified Asset Control

Eliminate the complexity of traditional media controls in your campaigns.
One button, two actions: Toggle Video/Audio allows your audience to play or pause content with a single, intuitive action.

Accessible from the right panel in the Builder, Toggle Video/Audio is adaptable to any type of launch event, giving you the flexibility your interactive campaigns demand.

As we step boldly into the new year, these features are just the beginning of our 2024 journey to revolutionize Augmented Reality experiences.

Stay warm, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay creative.
The Aryel Team